The Social Sciences

Year: 2018
Volume: 13
Issue: 8
Page No. 1349 - 1354

Optimizing the Potential Places and Attractions of Tourist Destination

Authors : Rachmawati Novaria and Suko Istijanto

Abstract: Indonesia has many tourist destinations, both in the form of artificial tourism destinations and natural tourist destinations. One of the natural tourist destinations to be reviewed in this study is Kedung Cinet. A rural nature tour in the Plandaan Region known as the "Grand Canyon Mini" in Jombang. This is in line with the concept of rural tourism development and the support program of the sustainable development goals whose main target is the improvement of social welfare, poverty alleviation and the reduction of unemployment. By identifying tourism potential, the result of the study is Kedung Cinet development model. Descriptive analysis method is used to see the conditions in the field with the determination of criteria based on the theory of design elements of rural tourism areas. And use the "SWOT analysis" to see potential objects and attractions. The solution is to establish Kedung Cinet area based on sustainable development concept.

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Rachmawati Novaria and Suko Istijanto, 2018. Optimizing the Potential Places and Attractions of Tourist Destination. The Social Sciences, 13: 1349-1354.

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