The Social Sciences

Year: 2018
Volume: 13
Issue: 3
Page No. 568 - 583

The Problem of Arabic Language Retreat as a Result of the Symbols of Cultural Globalization

Authors : Khawlah M. Al-Tkhayneh

Abstract: The study aims to analyze the views of an elite of thought and public opinion leaders in the Jordanian society regarding the most important changes caused by the symbols of cultural globalization on the Arabic language. The study also discusses the factors leading to these changes, the most important outputs of this problem and the methods that can be used to reduce their effect on Arabic. To this end, a descriptive analytical approach as well as a historical approach were employed to design the questions of the interviews. After verifying the validity of the tool, 16 respondents took part in this study and the repetitions were monitored between the answers of the interviewers and the results obtained. The results reveal that the majority of the researchers believe that there is a negative impact of cultural globalization symbols (such as Bilingualism, Arabism, social networking sites, etc.) on Arabic. The clear decline of the role of the Mosque, the Church and other institutions of socialization such as universities, schools and statutes as well as initiatives in most Arab countries in reducing the spread of this phenomenon which has a political, cultural and social dimension have all contributed to the changes witnessed in Arabic. Based on these results, the study concluded with a number of recommendations for further research.

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Khawlah M. Al-Tkhayneh , 2018. The Problem of Arabic Language Retreat as a Result of the Symbols of Cultural Globalization. The Social Sciences, 13: 568-583.

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