The Social Sciences

Year: 2018
Volume: 13
Issue: 3
Page No. 740 - 751

Source of Local Society Knowledge in Communication Ritual of Farming Crops Indistrict of West Muna

Authors : La Tarifu

Abstract: The presence of local autonomy not only reduces central government intervention to theregion but also it is much expected to have implications on the well-being in all areas of development including in agriculture. The main determinant of behavior change in farming can be catalyzed by a variety of reasons, among which is the interpenetration of knowledge, both of the local government system, the interaction between farmers and through the intervention of extension workers. This research uses qualitative descriptive approach. This study aimed to describe the source of local society knowledge in communication rituals of farming in West Muna. The informants of the research involving informants, 31 informants, the Head of Agriculture, Live Stock and Forestry Department of West Muna and four extension workers of farm crops, 23 farmers, opinion leaders as many as three people from Javanese, Balinese and local ethnic whose scattered at 12 villages. The results shows that the communication rituals of the local community in West Muna, especially in farming, the content that often be exchanged by community is about the messages including how to process the land, seeding, pest and weed and harvest behavior and post-harvest. Source of local society knowledge in communication ritual of farming crops in district of West Muna occurred in the primary communications mechanism. Ritual primary communication of local communities in the delivery of messages farming occurs in one direction and two directions which are derived from naturalistic symbols, opinion leaders, transmigration farmers and extension workers.

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La Tarifu , 2018. Source of Local Society Knowledge in Communication Ritual of Farming Crops Indistrict of West Muna. The Social Sciences, 13: 740-751.

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