The Social Sciences

Year: 2018
Volume: 13
Issue: 4
Page No. 948 - 955

Media Public Enlightenment Campaign and Awareness of Hepatitis B in Lokoja Metropolis of Kogi State; Nigeria

Authors : Asogwa Chika Euphemia and Oluwakemi Samuel

Abstract: This study investigated media public enlightenment campaign and awareness of Hepatitis B in Lokoja metropolis. A cross-sectional survey design was employed. The study used convenience sampling method. The population of study is 195, 261 which are the people living in Lokoja metropolis with a sample of 400 arrived at by applying Taro Yamane formula. Questionnaire served as the instrument for data collection. The 376 retrieved questionnaires were analyzed using both univariate and bivariate technique of analysis. Findings reveal that majority of the respondents have the knowledge of Hepatitis B, through different media which include: health workers, television etc. Despite the level of knowledge gained, majority are yet, to be vaccinated. Results also showed that there is a moderate positive and statistically significant (r = 0.474, p<0.001) correlations between the degree of awareness and test behaviour of the participants. It was revealed that there is a statistically significant relationship (p<0.001) between age subgroup and respondents test behaviour as more respondents between age group (26-35) responded more to test than the other subgroups due to their proactive nature. The study showed that many of the respondents believe that the awareness on Hepatitis B is minimal and preferred medium for the awareness are social media, radio, television, etc. The study recommended that the government should sponsor different media awareness campaign geared towards the prevention of the transmission of “Hepatitis B Virus” (HBV) and the use of vaccine as a major alternative for prevention.

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Asogwa Chika Euphemia and Oluwakemi Samuel, 2018. Media Public Enlightenment Campaign and Awareness of Hepatitis B in Lokoja Metropolis of Kogi State; Nigeria. The Social Sciences, 13: 948-955.

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