The Social Sciences

Year: 2019
Volume: 14
Issue: 6
Page No. 236 - 241

Bureaucracy Re-Functionalization in Health Services in the Health Care Center of Parepare City

Authors : Rasidin Calundu, Juanda Nawawi and Suradi Tahmir

Abstract: This study sought to evaluate the performance of health care bureaucratic apparatus in conducting its duties and functions as public service. The duties and functions of the bureaucracy are to bring the quality of public services at the same time and searching a model of public service to deal with the dynamics of society as objects of public services. The apparatus faced the challenge in increasing quality of service which people have great hopes, especially, in health services with a variety of programs to achieve social welfare. In relation to public services, especially, in health care which seeks to provide and display a quality service based on the operational procedure standards to create public satisfaction in handling health care. In this study, attempts to analyze aspects of the implementation of the basic tasks and functions to describe the activity of medical authorities in implementing SOP in the health service to do a re-functionalization of the bureaucracy in health service. This research is descriptive research, so that, the analysis is qualitative. Data were collected through observation, interviews and documentation. The results showed that the performance of the apparatus in the application of duty and function in handling the health care has not run optimally given the expectation of the public is not handled properly. This is due to the quality of personnel is still low, inadequate health infrastructure and SOP that there has not been doing community development. But the fact is already running but is not maximized, so, necessary for restructuring the health care bureaucracy.

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Rasidin Calundu, Juanda Nawawi and Suradi Tahmir, 2019. Bureaucracy Re-Functionalization in Health Services in the Health Care Center of Parepare City. The Social Sciences, 14: 236-241.

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