The Social Sciences

Year: 2020
Volume: 15
Issue: 9
Page No. 319 - 322

The Comparison of Self-Cmpassion, Stubbornness, Forgiveness in Hypertensive Patients and Normal People

Authors : Zahra Mirzaei and Samaneh Abasi

Abstract: Hypertension is one of the most important causes of chronic disability in the world with a chronic progressive course. This study aimed to compare self-compassion, hardness and forgiveness in blood pressure and normal patients. The research was a causal-comparative study and the statistical population of this study was hypertensive patients referred to Shiraz clinics as well as normal people. About 100 patients including two groups of 50 hypertensive patients and normal individuals were selected as the sample of patients with hypertension referred to the clinic due to hypertension problems and who were eligible to participate in the study. Hypertensive patients will be selected through targeted sampling from patients who refered to clinics. Ordinary people are also selected by accessible sampling method from friends and acquaintances as well as by visiting public places. Sample subjects were matched based on demographic characteristics such as age, education, marital status. The instruments used in this study were: Short Reiss, Pamir, Nef and VanGatchet Short Form Compassion Questionnaire (AHI)-Ahvaz Psychological Hardiness Scale (AHI)-and Forgiveness Questionnaire by Ray etc. The results of Pearson correlation coefficient and independent t-test indicated that there was a significant difference between spontaneous self-compassion in normal and hypertensive patients. Also, there was a significant difference in hardness between hypertensive and normal patients and based on other results there was a significant difference between positive feeling in hypertensive and normal patients. Medical professionals associated with hypertension can consider the stressor and the pathological psychological characteristics of patients which may be related to the risk of recurrence and disease. Advise their patients to consult a psychologist and spend at least one full period of psychotherapy for mental illness.

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Zahra Mirzaei and Samaneh Abasi, 2020. The Comparison of Self-Cmpassion, Stubbornness, Forgiveness in Hypertensive Patients and Normal People. The Social Sciences, 15: 319-322.

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