The Social Sciences

Year: 2020
Volume: 15
Issue: 1
Page No. 45 - 48

The Political Stability of Federation of Malaysia

Authors : Panlayamon Sinnang

Abstract: The research in political stability of Malaysia aims to study; political stability of Malaysia; factors effect to political stability in Malaysia. The research is qualitative research by using the methodology of documentary research both domestic and international aspects as well as in-depth interview. The key informants were scholars who graduated from People and community university of Malaysia. Qualitative data analysis had been made by using content analysis in-depth interviews and observations. The interpretation has been made by using inductive interpretation, logical analysis and descriptive interpretation. The research result found that: based on the political stability of Malaysia, the country has a government with single party to administrate country for long time. This cause the establishment of various policies had continuity or the country has very high political stability from the analysis as follows; Malaysia had never used violence in political change; most of Malaysian people have high political participation with their voluntary and political awareness; Malaysia has respected in political rules and conditions in the provisions of the constitution; political institutions have high stability none of political intervention of the military and government officials; diversity and strength of various interest groups who had made voluntary agglomeration. In case of Malaysia called racial group; righteousness, efficiency and effectiveness of a democratic political system; social structure is the democratic attribute which made the political participation of Malaysian people is at high level. Factors effect to the political stability of Malaysia are: the political structure of Malaysia is an important factor that facilitated the management of diversities in term of racial and cultural differences to be smooth and successful; Economic factors; social factors included leadership, politic party, quality of population and Bumiputra.

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Panlayamon Sinnang , 2020. The Political Stability of Federation of Malaysia. The Social Sciences, 15: 45-48.

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