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Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences (2019 Volume 16)

Number of issues per year: 6
ISSN : 1683-8831 (Print)
ISSN : 1993-6052 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 5 Issue 5, 2008
The Study of Social Relations Between Aged and Other Family Members
Majid Zorofi Soheila and Javid Tabrizi
Gender Perspectives of Environmental Management in Nigeria
Deborah Egunyomi
Influential Types of Syllabuses Within Educational Contexts
Mohammad Mohseni Far
The Read Campaign, Societal Values and National Development
G. Olu Oyinloye
Towards Solving the Problem of Corruption in Nigeria: The ICPC under Searchlight
Bashiru Salawu
The Challenges of Using Islam to Fight AIDS Scourge in Nigeria
M.A. Abdu-Raheem
Effects of Television and Radio Distractions on Undergraduate Students Mathematics Test Performance
Abidoun A. Popoola
Impact of HIV/AIDS on Human Capital in Africa: Implications for African Economic Developments
Samuel Akinyemi
Relative Effects of Three Multi-Media Instructional Packages on Nigerian Student’s Achievement in Social Studies
Adeosun Olufemi Victor
Practical Approach and Beneficial Effects in the Area of Speech Improvement
Moji Oyebola
Measured Effects of Path Investigation of Big Five Factor on Early Adolescents’ Rebelliousness in Ibadan, Nigeria
A. Oyesoji Aremu , B. Ifeoma Ajufo and A. Lovelyn Ikejiaku
Effective Communication, Educational Qualification and Age as Determinants of Marital Satisfaction among Newly Wedded-Couples in a Nigerian University
Henry O. Imhonde , Oyaziwo Aluede and N.R. Ifunanyachukwu
Difficulties That Are Met in Sports Lessons in Special Education by Children Who Have Mental Disabilities and Suggestions to These Problems
Mehmet Goral
Pervasiveness of HIV-Related Stigmatization among PLWHA in South Eastern Nigeria
J.O. Ezeokana , O.A.U. Nnedum and S.N. Madu
Teachers’ Assessment of the Work Environment
G. Tsayang , P. Monyatsi , P. Bulawa and C.M. Mhozya
Marital Satisfaction: Connections of Self-Disclosure, Sexual Self-Efficacy and Spirituality among Nigerian Women
Oluwole and David Adebayo
Education and Teaching Skills Quailities and Strategies for the Teachers
Mehmet Goral
Human Capital Theory: Implications for Educational Development
D.A. Olaniyan and T. Okemakinde
Training and Development, Impact on the Performance of Home Economics Teachers and School Improvement in District II of School Division in Lagos State, Nigeria
L.B. Ojo and D.A. Olaniyan
Retreatment Process and Dependence on Herbs as Inhibitors to Using Insecticide Treated Nets (ITNS) among Mothers in Egbeda Local Government Area of Oyo State
A.O. Fadoju , T.G. Safiu and T.J. Fadoju
Effect of the Working Status of Bangladeshi Women on Age at Marriage and Fertility
Rashed Alam , Dilip Kumar Mondol , Tapan Kumar Roy and J.A.M. Shoquilur Rahman