Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2022 Volume 17)

  • Number of issues per year: 24
  • ISSN: 1816-949x (Print)
  • ISSN: 1818-7803 (Online)
Archive (Volume 12 Issue 10, 2017)

A Design and Implementation of IoT-Based Blind Inpatient Monitoring System

Dong-Soon Park, Hee- WanKim and Ung-Mo Kim

Improve Energy Consumption of Enhanced Dl-Leach

Seung Yeon Jin, WooSuk LEE and Jong-Yong Lee

EPL Class Design for Understanding the Concept of Effective Program Coding

Hee-Won Yun and Sung-Uk Choi

The Relationship Between Sports Media Involvement Levels and Usefulness of Information Searching and Consumer Behavior

Sun-Mun Park and Eun-Jeong Tak

The Effects of Internet Media Ability on Interactivity and Sports Site Loyalty

Jong-Sang Yoo and Sun-Mun Park

A Study on the Prediction Method of Emergency Room (ER) Pollution Level based on Deep Learning using Scattering Sensor

Mi-Lim Choi, Myung Jae Lim, Young-Man Kwon and Dong-Kun Chung

A prototype of Artificial Intelligent Application Model on IoT Platform

Dong-Soon Park, Hee- WanKim and Ung-Mo Kim

Interlayer Noise Prevention System using IoT

Ki-Young Lee, Sung-Bae Kim, Jeong-Jin Kang, Sung-Jai Choi, Yeon-Man Jeong, Yun-Sik Lim, Eun-Young Kang and Gye-Kuk Kim

Technical and Market Trend Analysis of Li-Fi Lan System

Se-Hwan Park, Jong-Yun Kim and Young-Hyun Lee

Innovation Technology Model of Electric Boat for Traditional Fishermen in Gorontalo Province-Indonesia

Eduart Wolok

The Concept of Sufi Psychotherapy

M.Ag. Muhtar Solihin and M.A. Munir

The Innovative Application of Eco-Technology in Architectural Design

Dan Shao and Yukari Nagai

Expert Finding Model Through Author Disambiguation in Bibliographic Data

Jae-Wook Seol, Seok-Hyoung Lee, Seo-Young Jeong, Hye-Jin Lee, Jeong-Seon Yoon and Kwang-Young Kim

Adaptation of Open Source Software for Healthcare in India: Case of CARE2X

Mohammad Taha Khan, Shamimul Qamar and Ripu Ranjan

Seven Critical Success Factors of Total Quality Management (TQM) Practices in Halal Food Industry: A Review

Nor Suhada Mohd Amin, Norhayati Zakuan, Mohd Shoki Md Ariff, Muhamad Zameri Mat Saman, Abbas Mardani and Mohd Hazwan Hassim

An Empirical Study on Financial Factors Affecting Corporate Insolvency Growth Rate Using AREM

Chang- Ho An

An Improved Reversible Data Hiding Algorithm using Adjacent Pixel Difference Scheme

Soo-Mok Jng

Design and Implementation of Smart Riding Support System using Micro Chip

Ki-Young Lee, Myung-Jae Lim, Jeong-Jin Kang, Sung-Jai Choi, Gye-Kuk Kim, Yong-Soon Im and Kyeong-Su Jang

Inheritance Study of Blast Resistance with Pathotype P7.2 on Crosses of Pongsu Seribu 2 and MR264

Norain Mohd Nor, Shamsiah Abdullah, Abdul Rahim Harun, Nor`Aishah Hassan and Sopiah Mat Desa

Saccharification of Seaweed by Acid Hydrolysis with Gamma-Irradiation

Jong-il Choi and Seung Hwan Lee

Microbiological Assessment of Surface Waters and Health Awareness of Four Vulnerable Communities in Can Tho City, Vietnam

Maria Luisa Baino-Salingay, Assela Pathirana, Jeroen Rijke, Peter van der Steen, Chris Zevenbergen, Nguyen Hong Quan and Ky Quang Vinh

Characteristic Tremor Awareness of the Linear Form Variation on the Stable Sensing Material

Jeong-Lae Kim and Hye-Ju Kim

Document Similarity Measurement Systems used S-W Algorithm on Smart Phone

Jeong-Joon Kim, Don-Hee Lee and Jeong-Min Park

An Autonomic Computing based on Big Data Platform for High-Reliable Smart Factory

Jeong-Joon Kim, Deuk-Woo Lee, Dong-Beom Ko, Sung-Il Jeong and Jeong-Min Park

Artificial Neural Networks Modeling of Relation Relaying Daily Global Solar Radiation to Astronomical and Meteorological Parameters

Abdelghani Harrag and Sabir Messalti

The Need of Tailor Made Agribusiness Farmer Field School to Develop Entrepreneurship: The Experience from Paddy Seed Growers in Indonesia Context

Ujang Maman, Iin Inawati, Iwan Aminudin and Akhmad Riyadi Wastra

Potential Impacts for Monitoring Sustainability: Case Study of Hollow Fiber Membrane

Salwa Mahmood, Muhamad Zameri Mat Saman, Abdul Rahman Hemdi and Norhayati Zakuan

XFEM Modelling of Single-Lap Woven Fabric Kenaf Composites Bolted Joints with Temperature Action

Anders Hans and Hilton Ahmad

The iBeacon Signal Optimization Methods for Improving the Reliability of Indoor Positioning Systems

Chang-Pyo Yoon, In-Kyung Lee and Chi-Gon Hwang

Bulletproof Vests/Shields Prepared from Composite Material based on Strong Polyamide Fibers and Epoxy Resin

Remon A. Mankarious, Mostafa A. Radwan, Mostafa Shazly and Hany A. Elazab

Assessment of Swagger Perception by Linear Shape Variation on the Static Phenomenon

Jeong-Lae Kim and Moon-Sam Shin

ACIP over MANET: OLSR for Remote Broadcasting

Omuwa Oyakhire and Koichi Gyoda

Educational Effectiveness Evaluation using Hybridization of Input-Output Model and Clustering Analysis Method: Indonesian Data

Feri Wijayanto

Stress and Damage Formation Analysis in Hip Arthroplasties using CT-Based Finite Element Method

Abdul Halim Abdullah, Mitsugu Todo and Yasuharu Nakashima

Rosa Image Subtraction Based New Image Background Subtraction Algorithm for Improving Software Reliability

Jung-Hyun Woo, Jeong-In Park and Jin-Tak Choi

Opinion Mining Analyses by Online Media on the Introduction of Big Data-Based Free Semester System

Ji-Hoon Seo and Jin-Tak Choi

A Study on the Effect of Soil Constraint Filter used in Stone Mattress Revetment for Soil Erosion Prevention

Gye Woon Choi, Yong Hun Lee, Hyo Seon Park and Dong Woo Jang

Application of Context-Oriented Architecture in Designing Residential and Tourist Complexes (Case Study: Ali-Sadr Cave Located in Hamedan, Iran)

Ali Dolati

Sustainable Agriculture: And Introduction to Extensive and Intensive Agriculture

Parisa sharifi

Checking the Effect of Green Architecture Elements in Educational Buildings Form

Hooman Mohebbi Germi

The Effect of Short Story Writing on the Writing Development of the Intermediate EFL Learners in Farhikhtegan Language Institute in Zahedan

Ali Saiffudin Poor and Massoud Tajadini

Feature Driven Development of a Smartphone Based Vision-Aware mHealth Framework

Melvin Cabatuan, Elmer Dadios, Laurence Gan Lim, Jose Santos Carandang VI, Eric Punzalan, Ma. Luisa Enriquez, Dennis Erasga, Michael Ples, Romeo Teruel, Balintawak Sison-Gareza, Ma. Ellenita De Castro, Julien Carandang and Raouf Naguib

Droplet Impact Behaviour of Modified Alkali-Activated Material Solution on Urea Surface

A.M. Maizan, K. Kuzilati and H.H. Luqman

Ergonomic Reviews of Plantar Pressure Tester Development

Butree Kaden, Wutichai Phongmanee and Samchai Jirapatarasilp

Artificial Neural Network: The Alternative Method to Obtain the Dimension of Ankle Bone Parameters

R. Daud, H. Mas Ayu, M.S. Salwani, S.H. Tomadi, Mohammed Rafiq Abdul Kadir, Hanumantharao Balaji Raghavendran and Tunku Kamarul