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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2020 Volume 15)

Number of issues per year: 24
ISSN : 1816-949x (Print)
ISSN : 1818-7803 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 12 Issue 23, 2017
Spectrum Allocation in Cognitive Radio using Monarch Butterfly Optimization
Avantika Vats and Khushal Thakur
The Potential of Recharge Area Based on the Permilabilty and Infiltration Rock Test in the Southern Flank of Mount Merapi, Yogyakarta Indonesia
Purwanto , K. Sari Bahagiarti, Suharsono and Prajna Catra Pramodana
The Influence of User Involvement on Accounting Information System Quality
Azhar Susanto
The Research of Tank Sides Geometrical Forms After Their Long-Term Usage in the Oil Transportation System
D.V. Pyalchenkov and A.L. Pimnev
Hardware Firewall Bypass (HWFWBYPASS) Attack on pfSense
Moran Edgar, Salcedo Parra Octavio Jose and Sanchez Cespedes Juan Manuel
Development of Information System with a Digital Library Based on the Bicharacteristics Numerical Method
Zhanar Akhmetova and Zhanna Saxenbayeva
Mobile Crushing and Screening Machine Control System
A.V. Ostroukh, D.G. Moroz, A.I. Vorobiev, M.V. Gavriluk and A.V. Akhterov
Time Restraint Tractable Aggregation Scheme for Beneficial Video Transmission over WLAN
Mayank Patel and Naveen Choudhary
Dynamics of a Mobile Manipulator of 8 Degrees of Freedom for Inspection Tasks
C. Angie J. Valencia, Oscar F. Aviles and Mauricio F. Mauledoux
Quaternary Defense Mechanism Handling Predicaments in Cuckoo Hashing
D. Seethalakshmi and G.M. Nasira
A Study on Summarization of Technical Documents
Syed Sabir Mohamed and Shanmugasundaram Hariharan
FEELP: Fuzzy-Based Energy-Efficient LEACH Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks
A. Krishnakumar and V. Anuratha
Convergence Criteria of Noor-Iterative Process in Hadamard Manifolds
Mandeep Kumari and Renu Chugh
A Genetic Algorithm Procedure for Optimizing Supply Chain under Quality Measures
Douiri Lamiae, Jabri Abdelouahhab and Abdellah El Barkany
Design and Development of Smart Autonomous Fire Detector Robot
N.A. Ab Hadi, K.A.M. Annuar, G. Nathan, W.N. Abd Rashid, A.F. Kadmin, M.Y. Ali, Shahrizal Saat and N.R. Mohamad
Alteration of Antioxidant and Pigment of Landscape Plants as an Urban Air Quality Monitoring
Pangesti Nugrahani, Sukendah and Purnomo Edi Sasongko
Improved Face Recognition using a Modified PSO Based Self-Weighted Linear Collaborative Discriminant Regression Classification
K. Shailaja and B. Anuradha
Investigation of the Thin Beryllium Windows Fracture Probability under the External Cyclic Load
V.V. Mishin, I.A. Shishov and A. Mincena
Optimized Load Balanced Routing Protocol for a MIMO based Wireless Sensor Network
K. Arthi, T. Sujithra, R. Hariharan, A.S. Rajiva Lochana and S. Saran Raj
Corrosion Fatigue Crack Propagation Behavior of Friction Stirred Dissimilar Metal Welds in 3.5% NaCl Solution by Chromate and Molybdate Inhibition
F.X. Arif Wahyudianto, Mochammad Noer Ilman, Priyo Tri Iswanto and Kusmono
Environmental Assessment of Dual Crude Palm and Kernel Oil Production in North-Colombia using WAR Algorithm
Aury Stella Alvarez-Cordero, Yuranis De Avila Alvis, Maria Ortiz-Rincon, Angel Dario Gonzalez-Delgado and Yeimmy Yolima Peralta-Ruiz
Change Detection in SAR Images Based on FCM with Modified MRF Approach
R. Jeberson Ratan Raj
Using Regression Models to Predict Electrical Conductivity of Soil Through ALOS PALSAR Satellite
Walaiporn Phonphan
Model of Prediction of Behavioral Use of Accrual Basis Accounting Information on Local Governments in Indonesia
Ratno Agriyanto, Abdul Rohman and Dwi Ratmono
Sustainable Reclamation Model: Study Case of Makassar Waterfront Area
Andi Yurnita, Slamet Trisutomo and Mukti Ali
Performance Evaluation of Automatic Speech Recognition with Wideband Speech Codecs
D. Nagajyothi and P. Siddaiah
Designing and Implementation a Web-Based Architecture for an Examination Timetabling System
Syariza Abdul-Rahman, Aida Mauziah Benjamin, Mohd Faizal Omar, Razamin Ramli, Ku-Ruhana Ku-Mahamud and Waleed Khalid Abdul Jabbar
Determinants of Asymmetric Cost Behavior by Deliberate Managers Decisions: A Nonlinear Regression Modeling
Karrar Abdulellah Azeez, Han Dong Ping and Marwah Abdul Kareem Mahmood
Analytical Investigations on the Thermal and Thermohydraulic Performance of Double Flow Double Exposer Solar Air Heater
Som Nath Saha and S.P. Sharma
Anti Plant Pathogen of Bioactive Metabolite from Piper retrofractum Vahl
Wattana Panphut
Contractor Selection Criteria for Construction Projects
Izwan Rashid, Syuhaida Ismail and Zainai Mohamed
Calculation of Basic Reproduction Number by Graph Reduction Method and Stability Analysis in SEIQR e-Epidemic Model in Computer Network
Prasant Kumar Nayak, Yerra Shankar Rao and Tarini Charana Panda
Improvement of Localization Effect on Region Based Covariance Localization Ensemble Kalman Filter Method using Dynamic Parameters
Fajril Ambia, Tutuka Ariadji, Zuher Syihab and Agus Yodi Gunawan
Behavior of Concrete Columns Reinforced with Steel Strip Ties
Haider K. Ammash and Sadjad A. Hemzah
Assessment of Psychophysical Variations in Human Beings with the Aid of Audiometry and Gap Detection Tests
H.S. Sanjay, S. Bhargavi and N. Thangadurai
Hybrid Decision Tree Fuzzy Rule Based Classifier for Heart Disease Prediction Using Chaotic Cuckoo Search Algorithm
Jagadeesh Gobal and Subhashini Narayan
The Performance of Different Channel Equalizer Techniques in Wireless Communications using SISO and MIMO
Mustafa H. Ali and Hiba A. Abu-Alsaad
Metaheuristic Design and Optimization of Fuzzy-Based SRM Speed Controller using Ant Colony Algorithm
Mohamed Yaich and Moez Ghariani
Frequency-Based Fast Algorithm for Anomaly Detection in Big Data
Adeel S. Hashmi and Tanvir Ahmad
Forest Encroachers in Dharmasraya, West Sumatra, Indonesia: An Analysis of Socio-Economic Characteristics
Yurike , Yonariza , Rudi Febriamansyah and Syafruddin Karimi
Effect of Statistical Planning for Economic and Social Factors on Urban Security
Sufian M.S. Al-dulaymi
The Relationship of Time Management and Smartphone Using for Learning Source on Students Achievement
Ketut Agustini, I. Ketut Gading, I. Gede Sudirta, Nyoman Sugihartini, Ni Made Sinta Laraswati and I. Wayan Widiana
The Influence of Business Process and Management Support on Accounting Information System
Configuring Updatable Documents Using BIM for Existing Buildings Instead of Previous Documents
Abbas M. Abd and Alaa S. Khamees