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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2020 Volume 15)

Number of issues per year: 24
ISSN : 1816-949x (Print)
ISSN : 1818-7803 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 13 Issue 1, 2018
Shipper’s Perceptions of Aviation Logistics Service Quality (LSQ) of Air Freight Provider
Nor Aida Abdul Rahman, Mohammad Fakhrulnizam Mohammad, Suzari Abdul Rahim, Rohail Hassan, Md Fauzi Ahmad and Suhaila Abdul Kadir
Validation of Object-Oriented Software GA Metric Selection Model using Domain Experts
Abubakar Diwani, Abu Bakar Md Sultan, Hazura Zulzalil and Jamilah Din
Taking Software Testing to the Cloud-Benefits and Guidelines
Lim Chien Win, Soo Shi Tzuaan and Farah Farhana Mohd Nazri
Study on the Processes of Energy Conservation and Efficient Energy Use in the Innovative Development Programs of Russian Companies
A. Melnik and K. Ermolaevb
Design and Implementation of Automatic Underwater Multi-target Detection based on RESAN
R. Rajendr Prasad
Stream Aquatic Reaping and Crop Fields Redeemable using Rain Drop Detection Sensor
R. Rajendr Prasad
Cost Effective of Ballast Water Management for Atlantic Coast
K. Karthick
A Frequency Recovery Effect by Operating Battery Energy Storage System in Transient State in the Power System
Hyun-Chul Lee, Byoung-Jo Jung, Yong-Gi Roh and Hui-Bae Lee
Secure Ranked Keyword Search Algorithm for Encrypted Cloud Data using Double Indexing Technique
Payal V. Kale and Rashmi Welekar
On Balanced Deployment of Dynamic Objects in Distributed Environments
Lung Pin Chen and Hsin Ta Chiao
The Relationships among Lean Production, Operational Performance and Financial Performance
Piyachat Burawat
Time Performance Evaluation for Batch Processing in Cloud Computing
Awfa Hasan Dakheel and Alaa Shawqi Jaber
2D Symmetric16×8 SRAM with Reset
D. Khalandar Basha, Shashikanth Reddy and K. Aruna Manjusha
The Development of a Eigenface Detection System
Tae- Eun Kim
A Study in Virtual Educational Training System for Police with Augmented Reality Technology
O.H. Sei-youen
Iris Controlled Wheel Chair in Real Time
Kshama Chaudhary, Naveen Agarwal, Naveen Garg and Vikas Deep
Study the Effect of the Particle Size of the Scattering Centers in Each of Linear and Non-Linear Optical Properties for the Laser Random Media
Jassim M. Jassim, Yassin H. Khadim and Mithaq M. Mehdy Al-Sultani
Electronic Properties Calculation of CO and NO Adsorbed on BN Nanolayer, using Density Function Theory DFT
Abbas Hassan Abo Nasriya
Enhancing Turbidity Removal using Electrocoagulation Method
Mohammad Abid Muslim Altufaily and Zahraa Ahmed Abedalaama
Ozone Production Based on Photovoltaic Source
Waluyo , Deri Muhamad Nurendi, Syahrial and Nasrun Hariyanto
Energy Efficiency of Combined Autunomous Energy Supply Systems Based on Ground Source Polygeneration Plants in the Conditions of the Extreme Continental Climate of Kazakhstan
Vyacheslav Stoyak, Saule Kumyzbayeva, Madina Ibragimova and Alimzhan Apsemetov
The Results of Theoretical Studies of the Vibrator Compensating Chamber of the Dispenser of Mineral Fertilizers
Sayakhat Nukeshev, Indira Mamyrbaeva, Kairat Eskhozhin, Aigul Balabekova and Ziyada Zhaksylykova
Mathematical Model for the Research of Systems with Massively Parallel Processing Based on Big Data
Serbin Vassiliy, Moldagulova Aiman, Duisebekova Kulanda, Satybaldiyeva Ryskhan, Orazbekov Sayatbek, Tursynkulova Akbota, Alimzhanova Laura, Zhuanyshev Ilyas, Rakhmetulayeva Sabina and Bektemyssova Gulnara
The Preparation of Nano thin Films of Poilyaniline/Carbon Nanotubes and Studying their Reaction to Some of the Organic Materials
Mohammed Hadi Shinen, S.A.A. AlSaati, H.A. Laken and Fouad Z. Razooqi
Study on the Characteristic of Air Flow of Shark Antennas for Each of the Configurations by using Simulated Flow Analysis
Kye-Kwang Choi and Jae-Ung Cho
Design and Structural Analysis of Steam Turbine
K. Dinesh
Competences and Commitments on Work Related Convictions of Software Professionals
Makarand Upadhyaya, Hatem Mohamed EL-Shishini and Deepa Chavan
Experimentation on Emission Analysis of a Compression Ignition Engine Run with Bio-diesel
R. Sundara Raman, G. Sankara Narayanan, N. Manoharan and S. Sendilvelan
Heavy Metals Residues in Soil and Vegetables from Agricultural Area in Wangkanai District, Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand
Pantip Kayee, Surusda Seksitkan and Kunnikar Pattharadechapaibul
A Determination of Solar Heat Collection in Sepertine Copper and Rubber Pipe Embedded in Asphalt Pavement using Finite Element Method
Mushtaq Ahmad, Zarina Binti Itam, Salmia Beddu, Firas Basim Ismail Alanimi and Shamini A/P Soanathan
The Integrated of City’s Identity and its Relationship to the Level of Citizen’s Needs in Donggala City, Indonesia
Amar Akbar Ali
Analyzing the Factors Affecting the Soil Investigation Cost
Hafeth I. Naji
Phytochemistry and Antioxidant Activity of Essential Oils of Condiment and Spice Plants from South Western, Iran
Abdollah Ghasemi Pirbalouti, Lyle Craker and Seyed Mohammad Alavi-Samani
Decontamination of Hexavalent Chromium by Geo Chemical Fixation Method in a Hazardous Dump Site, Ranipet, Tamil Nadu, India
T. Edwin D. Thangam, V. Nehru Kumar and Y. Anitha Vasline
The Effect of Learning Model and the Type of Formative Assessment Toward the Natural Science Achievement after Controlling the Prior Knowledge Students
Ni Ketut Rapi, Ketut Suma and I. Wayan Widiana
Performance Evaluation of Tuple Timestamp Multiple Historical Relation Data Model
Shailender Kumar
Wireless Power Transmission Between Efficiency and Health Effects
Ahmed Aizaldeen Abdullah
Performance Enhancement of MPSK at High Data Rate
Hadi Athab Hamed
The Question of Study of the Formation Competence of the Students in the Pedagogical System
Duisenova Marzhan Moldakasymovna and Dauletbekova Zhanat Turarbekovna
Smart Technologies for Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease: A Review
Hana Tomaskova and Richard Cimler
Revealing the Non-Muslim Kopitiams and the Awarded Halal Signage
Abdul Mutalib Embong, Raja Ahmad Iskandar Raja Yaacob, Nur Arfah Abdul Sabian, Azelin Bt Mohamed Noor, Razita Mohamad and Abdul Hanif Lahmuddin
A Study on Improvement of Device Removal Processes from ZigBee Network
Jae-young Lee
The Influence of Tool Path Strategies on Surface Roughness and Machining Time in the CNC Milling of UHMWPE
W.D. Lestari, P.W. Anggoro, P.K. Fergiawan, R. Ismail, J. Jamari and A.P. Bayuseno
Three-Dimensional CMOS Image Sensors Integrated with On-Chip Infrared Filters and Color Filters
Ho-Pyo Hong and Myung Bok Lee
An Analysis Study on Durability and Mechanical Characteristic of Notched Tensile Specimens by Material
Jung-Ho Lee and Jae-Ung Cho