Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2022 Volume 17)

  • Number of issues per year: 24
  • ISSN: 1816-949x (Print)
  • ISSN: 1818-7803 (Online)
Archive (Volume 14 Issue 1, 2019)

Environmental Preservation Based on Local Wisdom (A Case Study at Kajang, Bulukumba, South Sulawesi, Indonesia)

Abdul Haris Sambu and Lukman Daris

Sedimentological Method for Nano-Polycomposite Coating

M.N. Mukhtarova, A.K. Nurseytova, S.D. Ermaganbetova, M.T. Beketayeva, E.M. Zulbuharova, A.A. Kuikabayeva, A.K. Danlybayeva, M.T. Kyzgaryna, G.K. Nauryzbayeva and S.N. Sarsenbayeva

The Effect of Using Filter on Total Harmonic Distortion in Multilevel Inverter

Jameel Kadhum Abed, Mohannad Jabbar Mnati and Bassam Mohammed Yaseen

Implanting of Safety Culture in Display Manufacturing Company in Korea through Employee’s Safety Perception Survey: Case Study Focusing on Behavior-Based Safety

Jongmin Chae and Keun-Oh Lee

Criminal Legal Protection of Banking in Ukraine and at the International Level

Alyona M. Klochko, Nikolai P. Kurilo and Svitlana I. Zapara

Features of Polymer-Cement Composite Formation for Innovative Construction Using Additive Technology

V.A. Poluektova, N.A. Shapovalov and Z.V. Stolyarova

Image Enhancement Based On Bee Colony Algorithm

Phie Chyan

Smart Cities and Their Impact on Human Civilization Behavior "Abu Dhabi City Model"

Hani Yousef Jarrah

Visualisation Method for Effective Presentation of Hadith Commentary Using Cone Tree

Hairulliza Mohamad Judi, Siti Fadzilah Mat Noor and Noor Syafawati Rahim

Identifying the Factors Affecting Performance of Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools in India

Bishwarup Ghosh and Goutam Panigrahi

Intelligent Auto Traffic Signal Controller for Emergency Vehicle by Using Wireless Sensor Network

Arshad Ali

Patient Monitoring and Tracking by Using Wireless Sensor Network

Arshad Ali

Life Prediction of Thin Wall Pipe for External Superficial Cracked Exposed to Interior Pressure

M. Abdulrazzaq and Mahmoud A. Hassan

Behavioral Aspect of Accounting Information System Quality

Ita Salsalina Lingga, Winwin Yadiati, Azhar Susanto and Nunuy Nur Afiah

Reverse Innovative Design of Insole Shoe Orthotic for Diabetic Patient

P.W. Anggoro, B. Bawono, M. Tauviqirrahman, J. Jamari, A.P. Bayuseno and A. Wicaksono

On the Metro Domination Number of Cartesian Product of Pm_Pn and Cm_Cn

G.C. Basavaraju, M. Vishukumar and P. Raghunath

Ultrasound Degradation Effect on Residual Pesticides and Microorganisms in Commercially Available Fruits and Vegetables

Nguyen Phuoc Minh

Comparison Between Least Effort and Random Walk in Combined Shipping Service

Purba Daru Kusuma

Technical Factors Influencing to Production of Yam Bean Beverage

N.P. Minh

Investigation the Performance of Parabolic Solar Water Heater with Different Tracking System-Basra City Case Study

Maher K. Taher, Ali K. Al-Sayyab and Mohammed A. Abdulwahid

Experimental Simulation of Dam on Soil with Cavity for Measuring Uplift Pressure Force

Laith Jawad Aziz and Mohammed Shaker Mahmood

Design and Verification of Asynchronous FIFO with Novel Architecture Using Verilog HDL

Avinash Yadlapati and Hari Kishore Kakarla

Data Extracted and Fitting Which is Calculated from Laser Spot Imaging Passes Through Multi Media

Zahraa Saad Mohsen, Mutasim Ibrahim Malik and Ali Kamel

Low Cost Arduino Based Smart Energy Monitoring System Using Internet of Things

R. Govindarajan, S. Meikandasivam and D. Vijayakumar

Different Processing Parameters for Drying of Sliced Dragon Pulp

N.P. Minh

Existence of the Attractor of Recurrent Iterated Function System

Wadia Faid Hassan Al-shameri

A Combined Approach for Privacy Preserving Classification Mining

Naga Prasanthi Kundeti and M.V.P. Chandra Sekhara Rao

Analyzing the Effect of Credit Facilities on Firm Growth: Evidence from Emerging Market

Mahmoud Al-Rdaydeh, Ali Matar, Joriah Muhammed and Haslindar Ibrahim

Novel Algorithm for Iraqi Car License Plate Detection and Recognition

Ali H.A. Aldabbagh, Laith A.H. Al-Shimaysawee and Hussein M.H. Al-Rikabi

Traffic Surveillance System for Vehicles Counting and Speed Estimation

Laith A. H. Al-Shimaysawee, Ali H. A. Aldabbagh and Hussein M. H. Al-Rikabi

Public Key Cryptosystem Based on Graph Theory

Najlae Falah Hameed Al Saffar

Authentication on Smartphones based Iris Recognition

Rana Jassim Mohammed, Taha Mohammed Hasan and Naji Mutar Sahib

The Impact of Entrepreneurial Leadership on Organizational Performance A Case of Credit Cooperatives in Bali Indonesia

Wayan Gede Supartha and Amrita Nugraheni Saraswaty

Density Estimation for Right Censored Data Using Hybrid Breslow and Semi-Symmetric Wavelet

Ali Talib Mohammed and Iden Hussein

Data Processing of Laboratory Recruitment Using K-Nearest Neighbor Algorithm

Mustabshiroh , Roswan Latuconsina and Tito Waluyo Purboyo

Experimental Process of Data Laboratory Recruitment Using C4.5 Algorithm

Yasella Dina Aprilia, Roswan Latuconsina and Tito Waluyo Purboyo

Design of 3 kW Grid-Connected PV Inverter without Transformer

Byunggyu Yu

Concentration of Molybdenum Oxides and Salts in a Supercritical Water Medium

A.U. Aetov, S.V. Mazanov, A.R. Gabitova, Z.I. Zaripov, R.A. Usmanov, R.A. Kayumov and F.M. Gumerov

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Capacity Building Needs for 21st Century Classroom Instructional Delivery: Perceptions of Science and Mathematics Teachers

Ugwuanyi Christian Sunday, Agah John Joseph, Onah Eunice, C.C. Ugwuanyi, Ikeh Francis Elochukwu, O. Okeke Agnes, Ene Catherine and C. Oguguo Basil

Social Engineering Model of Natural Resources Management of Palu City

Sulthan Zainuddin, Andi Mascunra Amir, Yahya R. Kibi, Muhammad Khairil, Sharifah Zarina Syed Zakaria and Muhammad Rizal Razman

Manufacturing Industry Firm Dynamics of a Southern Region of Colombia, 2012-2017

John Jairo Cardenas Perez, Jose Eduardo Corredor, Luis Alfredo Jimenez Rodriguez, Ramiro Gamboa Suarez, Oscar Jaramillo Castaño and Cristian Rincon- Guio

Design and Simulation BPSK and QPSK Modulation Using VHDL

Ibrahem S. Fatah

Kernelized Correlation Filters Parameters Optimization for Enhanced Visual Tracking

Chor Keat Ong and Parvathy Rajendran

Science Lessons for Non-Science University Undergraduate Students: An Application of Visual-Only Video Teaching Strategy

Dos Santos Luis Miguel

Utilization of Burmese Grape (Baccaurea sapida) for Wine Fermentation

N.P. Minh, T.T.K. Oanh and N.H. Nga