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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2020 Volume 15)

Number of issues per year: 12
ISSN : 1816-949x (Print)
ISSN : 1818-7803 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 14 Issue 13, 2019
Petri Net Based Event Driven Programming
Bahaa Mohsen Zbeel
Industrial Data Decomposition and Forecasting Using Discrete Wavelet Transform
S. Al-Wadi and Abed H. Al-Slaihat
Design of Mixed Lighting System for an Intensive Care Unit in Cartagena City
Elias A. Bedoya Marrugo, Belky P. Castano Osorio and Derlys Y. Garnica Roman
Person Identification Based on Euclidean Distance Transform
Viet-Ha Ho, Duc-Hoang Vo, Van-Sy Ngo and Huu-Hung Huynh
Application of Nonlinear Autoregressive Distributed Lag (NARDL) Model for Analysis of the Asymmetric Effects of Real Exchange Rate Volatility on Vietnam’s Trade Balance
Le Hoang Phong, Ho Hoang Gia Bao and Dang Thi Bach Van
The Mediating Effect of Disclosure Quality on the Relationship Between Financial Performance and Firm Value in Iraqi Stock Exchange
Thamer Kadhim Al-Abedi, Hussein Ali Mohaisen and Haitham Sahib Saeed
Visualization of Integrating Hybrid Wind-PV Systems into Power Grid Using HVDC Link
Gamal M.A. Sowilam, Tamer A. Kawady and Raed A. Shalwala
Spectrum of Social Science Education: Reconstruction of Social Science Competencies Based on Vygotsky’s Social Reconstruction Formula in Primary School
I. Wayan Lasmawan, Ni Desak Made Sri Adnyawati, I. Dewa Ayu Made Budhyani, I. Nyoman Sila, I. Made Sundayana and I. Wayan Suwendra
Drop Condensation of Steam in a Vertical Tube at Different Pressures
Ayser Muneer
Dissemination WebQuest with Active Learning Strategy on Entrepreneurship Psychology Courses
Wiwik Kusdaryani, Wijayanto , Achmad Buchori, Agus Setiawan and Maryanto
Data Summary Techniques based on MapReduce in Big Data
Jeong-Joon Kim
Dynamic Routing Algorithm for Spatio-Temporal Query Processing in Sensor Networks
Jeong-Joon Kim
Liquefaction, Landslide and Slope Stability Analyses of Soils: A Case Study of Soils from Part of Kwara, Kogi and Anambra States of Nigeria
Omoniyi Olusegun Ige, Tolulope Oyeleke, Christopher Baiyegunhi and Temitope Love Baiyegunhi
Analysis of Pressure-Driven Heat and Mass Transfer of Hydromagnetic Flow Past Darcy-Forchheimer Porous Media Using Lie Group
S.O. Salawu, M.S. Dada and O. Adebimpe
Electricity Generation by using a Hybrid System (Photovoltaic and Fuel Cell)
Haider Ahmed Mohmmed, Othman M. Hussein Anssari and Layth Mohammed Abd Ali
Implementation of a Hybrid Feature Selection Algorithm for Improving Classification of Mammograms
A.A. Kayode, N.O. Akande and E.O. Asani
Lossy Compression of Hyperspectral Images Using Real-Time Technique
Haitham S. Hasan and Mais A. Alsharqi
Integrity Checking of Several Program Codes
Abdullah Th. Abdalsatir and Ali J. Abboud
Fault and Short Circuit Analysis for Wind Turbine Generators Grid
Mehdi F. Bonneya and Ahmed Al-Ameri
Detection of β-Lactam Resistance PER-1 Gene in Multidrug Resistant Isolates of Acinetobacter baumannii Isolated from Urinary Tract Infections in Diyala City
Izdehar M. Jasim
Tax Compliance: The Impact of Moderation of Awareness Tax
Yayuk Ngesti Rahayu, Margono Setiawan, EkaAfnan Troena and Sudjatno
Behaviour of Water Flow Through Monosized Gravel Media
Fadhil M. Al-Mohammed
New Types of Fixed Points in Operator Topological Space
Muayad G. Mohsin
A Study on Sound for Promoting Urination
Ik-Soo Ahn
How Quality of Financial Accounting Information System Influenced by Effective Leadership
Jufri Darma, Azhar Susanto, Sri Mulyani and Jadi Suprijadi
The Difference Between Hemolytic Anemia and the Deficiency of G6PD Among Children Using a Discriminant Analysis
Rasha Adil Saeed, Inaam Aboud Hussain and Suhail Najm Abbood
Neural Networks in Business Applications
Mohammed Khawwam Ahmed
A Study on Impact of Dividend Policy on Initial Public Offering Price Performance
S. Meghna, N. Suresh and J.C. Usha
Esan Color Glass: Artisans and Symbolic in Buddhist Architecture
Nittaya Phongkanpai, Kittisan Sriruksa and Panya Napangmaun
Design Styles and Factors Affecting Mudmee Silk Design of Community-Based Enterprises in Isan
Warin Boonyaputthipong, Niyom Wongpongkham and Thanasit Chantaree
Simulation of Robust Control of Magnetic Levitation System
Lafta E.J. Alkurawy
Neural Network and Control for Arterial Oxygen Saturation in Neonatal Infants
Lafta E.J. Alkurawy
Assessment of the Efficacy of Information and Communication Technology Tool on Achievement of Students in Physics and Mathematics: A Case of Repeated Measures
Ugwuanyi Christian Sunday, Ugwuanyi Chika Charity, Dorathy C. Ezenwa-Nebife, Gana Celina, Ene Catherine, C. Oguguo Basil, O. Okeke Agnes, Ikeh Francis Elochukwu, N. Nwoye Mercy, N. Obi Christiana, Anyaegbu Clement and Agah John Joseph
Electronic System for Detection and Measurement of Water Turbidity by Means of Artificial Vision
J. Vargas, J. Guapacho and A. Cucaita
The Effect of Audit Rotation on the Audit Quality: Empirical Study on Iraq
Hussein Ali Mohaisen, Khalid Sabah Ali and Affaq Thanoon Ibrahem
Crosswind Monitoring and Detection System at Highway with IoT Features
Shahrizal Saat, Nur Shahirah Zakaria, Mohd Zaidi Mohd Tumari, Mohamed Saiful Firdaus Hussin, Ahmad Nizamuddin Muhammad Mustafa and Mohd Anuar Adip
Effect of Temperature on the Electrical Properties of Poly (Ethylene Oxide) Doped with Carbon Black Nanoparticles Films
Husam Miqdad
The Dual Solutions and Stability Analysis of Nanofluid Flow using Tiwari-Das Modelover a Permeable Exponentially Shrinking Surface with Partial Slip Conditions
Sumera Dero, Azizah Mohd Rohni and Azizan Saaban
The Disc Structures of Commuting Involution Graphs for Certain Simple Groups
Suzila Mohd Kasim, Athirah Nawawi, Sharifah Kartini Said Husain and Siti Nur Iqmal Ibrahim
Does Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights Adequately Protect the Right to Life?
Saad Nasser Alqahtani
A New Technique for Support Vector Machine Parameters Optimization Based on Modiefied PSO Algorithm
Sabah Khudhair Abbas, Abdullah Aziz Laftah and Hasanein D. Rjeib
Textbook Evaluation in the Field of Engineering and Applied Sciences: A Development and Application for the use of University-Level Textbook
Dos Santos Luis Miguel
Chinese Cupping Therapy as an Alternative Treatment for Pain Management: A Qualitative Discussion from Chinese Medical Doctors and Professionals
Dos Santos Luis Miguel
Steganography Analysis on PNG Image RGB Using Spread Spectrum Method
Bogy Oktavianto, Tito Waluyo Purboyo and Randy Erfa Saputra
Novel Approach to Solve the Inverse Kinematics Problem for a Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Robotic Arm
Firas S. Hameed, Hassan M. Alwan and Qasim A. Ateia
Entrepreneurship in Colombia: Review and State of Knowledge
Juan Manuel Andrade Navia, Alexander Quintero Bonilla and Elias Ramirez Plazas
Connecting Physical Infrastructure to the Cyber Space using the Internet of Things (IoT) Devices
Haider A. Alwzwazy, Ruaa Hameed Ahmed, Younes Alwan, Laith and Hayder M. Albeahdili