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Agricultural Journal
Year: 2019 | Volume: 14 | Issue: 3 | Page No.: 44-52
DOI: 10.36478/aj.2019.44.52  
Grain Storage and Pest Management by Smallholders in Some Localities of North-West Region, Cameroon
J.W. Goudoungou , H.K. Tofel , T. Gangue , C. Suh and E.N. Nukenine
Abstract: Cereals and legumes grains are sustainable crops and major source of proteins, energy and fibre. Their storage is essential, since, their cultivation is done in the short period while consumption and marketing are carried out along the year. A survey in eight localities of North-West Region Cameroon with 366 respondents was carried concerning smallholder’s knowledge on storage activity regarding stored commodities, storage facilities and protection methods. The survey showed that women were the most involved in storing grain with the group’s age from 25-45 years old representing the most involved ages. Maize (43.2%) was the most stored grain followed by beans (18.3%) and groundnut (18%). Different types of storage facilities were reported but bag was the most used (45.9%). During the same survey it was found that smallholders use many protection methods and the use of chemicals or insecticides was the most common in all the eight localities. However, it has been found that the chemical application has some harmful effects with regards to their handling and management. Some smallholders stored their grain without any protectant (13.1%). The storage of grains in these localities allowed the availability of grains for meal, income and seed. The results of this study would help to address the problems linked to grain storage and find out the necessary measurements to improve this activity in turn to insure the quality and quantity of stored grains.
How to cite this article:
J.W. Goudoungou, H.K. Tofel, T. Gangue, C. Suh and E.N. Nukenine, 2019. Grain Storage and Pest Management by Smallholders in Some Localities of North-West Region, Cameroon. Agricultural Journal, 14: 44-52.
DOI: 10.36478/aj.2019.44.52