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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Year: 2016 | Volume: 11 | Issue: 6 | Page No.: 1311-1316
DOI: 10.36478/jeasci.2016.1311.1316  
Seismic Analysis and Durability Assessment of Nisa Dam of Bam in Empty Reservoir
Reza Darini and Mohsen Irandoost
Abstract: The issue of earthen dams is very important and necessary around the world today due to the large size of these structures and their number and the issue of drought and dire need to water storage; and the country Iran is no exception regarding severe dehydration. Construction of earthen dam includes complex factors that cause design and implementation of these massive structures to be in category of the most important water engineering projects. Durability of earthen dams is assessed in two ways: static and dynamic. The static durability of earth dams means balance and prevention the movement in one of components of an earthen dam against the incoming static forces. In other words, an earthen dam is in balance and durability state when in each part of the dam result of tensions applied is smaller than resistance mobilized there and since this action and reaction is different and relative in every part of the dam, so in designing earthen dams relative durability is measured by a criteria called confidence coefficient and the higher it is the more durability is expected. In this paper, seismic analysis of Nisa dam was done by Geo - Studio software. In this study, it was concluded that in the case of empty water reservoir under earthquake record, the tension in the concrete surface is more than 4 MPa. Also under earthquake record, the highest acceleration in empty reservoir state was about 6.0 meters per second squared.
How to cite this article:
Reza Darini and Mohsen Irandoost, 2016. Seismic Analysis and Durability Assessment of Nisa Dam of Bam in Empty Reservoir. Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 11: 1311-1316.
DOI: 10.36478/jeasci.2016.1311.1316