The Social Sciences

Year: 2009
Volume: 4
Issue: 5
Page No. 489 - 493

Student-Authority Conflict in Nigerian Universities

Authors : Florence Aduke Adebayo

Abstract: The study researched into the student-authority conflict in Nigerian universities. The population consisted of 32 states and 27 federal universities in Nigeria. Simple and purposive random sampling techniques were used to select 30 universities and 600 respondents. Instrument designated Students-Authority Conflict (SAC) was used. The reliability coefficient of the SAC was 0.825. Data collected were analyzed using percentage. The findings revealed that conflict is inevitable in both federal and state universities. However, insecurity of lives and properties were identified as the major cause of student-authority conflict. Based on the findings, authority should give prompt attention to the security of lives and property. Students should be involved in decision making concerning their welfare. Situational type of conflict management strategy was recommended for the managers.

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Florence Aduke Adebayo , 2009. Student-Authority Conflict in Nigerian Universities. The Social Sciences, 4: 489-493.

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