The Social Sciences

Year: 2015
Volume: 10
Issue: 7
Page No. 1798 - 1802

Typological Analysis of Russian Mass Media

Authors : Aigul N. Gilmanova and Murshid H. Fatihova

Abstract: Since 2000, a new redistribution of property takes place in Russian Mass Media. Large media holdings of B. Berezovsky and V. Gusinsky are sold. This is the period of a state active participation in the formation of information policy and asset management of State Mass Media. A new cluster of online publications that get a rapid development and attain own typological characteristics appears in the modern system of Russian Mass Media. The typological analysis of the information institute establishment in Russia via a transfer channel, the type of ownership, by locality, by the orientation into different groups of audiences from 2000-2015 showed that the integration of different information platforms blurs the concept of mass media channel transfer. There is an active development of converged editorial offices that create an information product and place it on the different information platforms: print, broadcasting, the internet, network broadcasting, the promotion of mass media content in social networks. As a rule, mass media do not abandon from traditional content distribution channel but consider other platforms as complementary with respect to the main one. News agencies which did not have an output channel to the audience and worked for other mass media became a new typological cluster in the segment of online media. The sites of news agencies become the leaders according to the number of visits within Russian internet. The owners of Russian media may be divided into three categories: government agencies, gas and oil producing companies, banks Foreign organizations. The cluster of radio media reveals the prevalence of musical entertainment radio stations.

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Aigul N. Gilmanova and Murshid H. Fatihova, 2015. Typological Analysis of Russian Mass Media. The Social Sciences, 10: 1798-1802.

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