The Social Sciences (2022 Volume 17)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1818-5800 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-6125 (Online)
Archive (Volume 10 Issue 7, 2015)

Study the Nationality Status of People’s Undetermined Nationality

Masume Mahmoodi and Seyed Hasan Vahdati Shobeiri

Gender Features of the Formation of Value Attitude to Parenthood among the Students of Pedagogical High School

E.V. Evdokimova, I.V. Tkachenko and L.G. Lisitskaya

Research and Analysis of Socially-Pedagogical Problems of the System Approach to the Support of Gifted and Talented Children and Student Youth

A.R. Galustov, V.S. Gluhov, R.A. Galustov and V.V. Rudenko

Gifted Youth System of Values

Olga GennadievnaKholodkova and Galina LeonidovnaParfenova

«Iron Law of Oligarchy» by R. Michels and Contaporary Process of Political Institutionalization of Parties

A.A. Mallakurbanov, E.V. Baboshina, J.K. Alieva, M.M. Shafiev and R.N. Pirova

Main Points of Rating for Professional Educational Organizations

Nataliy Evgenievna Erganova and Lyudmila Viktorovna Kolyasnikova

Comparison of Story Elements in Sa’edi and Alikhani’s Works

Mahboubeh Khorasani and Mitra Taghipour

Development, Validity and Reliability of Student Stress Inventory (SSI)

M.A.S. Mohamed Arip, D.N. Kamaruzaman, A. Roslan, A. Ahmad and M.R. Abd Rahman

Leadership Quality and the Performance of Market Driven Organizations

Sany Sanuri Mohd. Mokhtar, Rushami Zien Yusoff and Maha Mohammed Yusr

Gender Moderated Model of Innovation Orientation among Malaysian Undergraduates

Norfarah Nordin, Mohd Ali Samsudin and Ahmad Nurulazam Md. Zain

Effect Pedagogical Competence and Motivation to Performance Lecturer IT (Information Technology): The Case of Bali Computer College

Ni Nyoman Supuwiningsih

The Model of Technical Cooperation Between Thailand and Lao PDR

Chanajai Muenthaisong, Sukanya Aim-im-tham, Prapat Thepchatree and Sekson Yongvanit

Designing a Model for Measuring the Amount of Young Individuals’ National Identity

Zohreh Gharibiyan

Social Impacts of Infectious Diseases: Latent Toxoplasmosis and Crime

Ali Shotar, Sukaina A. Alzyoud and Ahed J. AlKhatib

A Study on Marketing of Cotton Seeds in India

B. Sirisha and M. Kishore Babu

The Violation of Human Rights in Iraq During the United States’ Occupation: Revisited

Tariq Hussein Jassam, Zainal Amin Ayub and Ruzita Azmi

Individual Action and Social Interaction in the Built Environment: An Analytical View

Behrang Moradi, Mohd. Hamdan Ahmad, Farimah Dokoushkani, Seyed Mehdi Motevaliyan, Asbah Razali and Bahare Fallahi

The Price and Efficiency of the Law Enforcement in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Bakhyt Moldatjaevich, Nurgaliyev , Aiman Kudaibergenovna, Kussainova , Alexey Vladimirovich and Boretsky

An Assessment of Intellectual Capital in Regional Government Enterprise; Experience in Indonesia

Bambang Setiaji and Anton A. Setyawan

Multidimensional Self-Perceived Freedom: Importance and Domain Specification

Muhammad Saleem, Rozmi Bin Ismail, Ezarina Zakaria, Arena Che Kasim and Muhammad Azam Tahir

MOOCs and Youth Employment Strategy

Ratnaria Wahid and Mohd. Azizuddin Mohd. Sani

Developing of Speaking Skills According to the “Case Study” Method

Ramziya N. Gubaidullina, Asiya M. Ilyasova and Alsu S. Khakimzyanova

Educational Process: Co-Authorship of the Teacher and the Student

Anvar N. Khuziakhmetov and Rashida G. Gabdrakhmanova

The Development of Readiness for Labor among the Bachelors with Pedagogical Education

Elena A. Sozontova, Mansur F. Gilmullin and Tatyana I. Anisimova

The Labor Market and Employment of Population in the Russian Empire of the 19th Century (According to the Materials of the Vyatka Province)

I.V. Maslova and V.L. Mikheicheva

Forms and Means of Socialization in the Modern Museum

Ludmila S. Timofeeva

Modern Anthropological Decadence: Sources, Essence and Ways to Overcome

Sergey V. Smirnov

Creation of a Free Person and Citizen: Evolution of Paideic Ideals

Zulfiya Z. Ibragimova and Arseny A. Raskovalov

Surplus Enjoyment as a Strategy of Consumption of the Postmodern Subject

Alexey B. Lebedev and Ekaterina S. Pankova

Formation of Common Cultural Competences in the Students-Future Teachers of Foreign Languages During the Process of Professional Training at University

Ekaterina A. Konopatskaya and Rezida A. Fakhrutdinova

Misanthropic Division’ Phenomenon as a Member of Virtual Resources of the Internet-Space

Andrey V. Ivanov and Timur Z. Mansurov

Nonverbal Communication Means in the Process of Teaching a Foreign Lanaguge (By the Example of the English and Tatar Linguo-Cultures)

Leyla A. Nurgaliyeva and Elmira A. Saydasheva

Organizational Conditions of Personnel Quality Assurance in German System of Dual Training

Irek I. Falyakhov

Science and Power in Soviet Russia within the Context of “Big Game”: Mongol-Tibetan Expedition by P.K. Kozlov (1923-1926)

Dmitry E. Martynov and Julia A. Martynova

Social Partnership and Social Dialogue as Mechanisms of the Labor Disputes Management in the Russian Federation

Timur Z. Mansurov

Trends of Journalistic Investigation Genre Development in Russian Media

Tatiana A. Nagovitsina and Ramis R. Gazizov

Typological Analysis of Russian Mass Media

Aigul N. Gilmanova and Murshid H. Fatihova

Information Technology Use Issues in Russian Historical Education

Louise K. Karimova

On Criminological Aspects of Corruption-Related Criminal Activity in Russia

Timur A. Gumerov, Vladimir N. Zhadan and Iskandar G. Mukhametgaliyev

Economic Man Model by M. Foucault

Roman K. Smirnov

Formation of the Communicative Competence in Students Future Pedagogues for Working with Gifted Pupils

Albina R. Abdrafikova, Rimma M. Akhmadullina and Iskander E. Yarmakeev

Interpretation of Rococo Style in the Products of Furniture Makers from Dubois Family

Lily R. Akhmetova, Mikhail K. Yao and Rasyh F. Salakhov

Intertextual Aspects of Opera Art by N. Harnoncourt Within Simulative Reality

Svetlana V. Karkina and Liliya F. Khabibulina

Mercy in Russian Law

Lidia V. Bakulina and Valery K. Bakulin

Practical Orientation Increase for Future Teachers Training Through the Integration of Interactive Technologies

Elena M. Lyubimova, Elvira Z. Galimullina and Rinat R. Ibatullin

Principles Making Convicts Work

Lidia V. Bakulina and Valery K. Bakulin

Prospects for Steady Comparison Research in the Axiological Aspect (Using the Example of Russian, English and Tatar Languages)

Dina R. Safina

Russian Education System Of Muslims Within Global Challenges Of The Xxi-St Century: Modern Fundamentalism

Aivaz M. Fazliev and Ilsur Z. Nafikov

The Formation and Development of Social Competence of Students of the Student Self-Government

Anwar N. Huziahmetov

Traditions in Islam and Orthodox Education under Soviet Ideology (On the Example of Tatarstan)

Ruslan R. Ibragimov and Mariam A. Galeeva

Sociological View on “Patriotic” Practices and Interests of the Young People (by Way of Example of Historic Reconstruction)

Albina R. Garifzyanova

Aesthetic Interference and Untranslatability as Concepts of Comparative Literary Studies

Venera Amineva, Marsel Ibragimov, Elvira Nagumanova, Alsu Khabibullina and Landysh Yuzmukhametova

Civil-Patriotic Education Within the Modernization of Education System

Nadezhda M. Egorova

Muslim Education in Tatarstan as the Factor of Common Civil Russian Identity Development

Reseda G. Galihuzina

The Concept of “Border” in Latin American Humanitarian Thought during the Second Half of the 20th Century

Olga A. Masalova

The Exploring of Contemporary Approaches to the History of Psychiatry in the Russian Empire

Ruslan S. Mitrofanov

The Structure and Content of the Module “Research and Experimental Activities of a Teacher”

Nadezhda N. Savina

Think Tanks’ as the ‘Soft Power’ Tool in the Foreign Policy of the People’s Republic of China

Alfiya R. Alikberova and Ramil M. Valeyev

Three Faces of President Institution Development: Theoretical and Psychological Aspects

Anton S. Krasnov, Olga O. Volchkova and Guzel K. Saikina

Early Intervention in Russia: Stages of Formation

Anna I. Akhmetzyanova

Post-Mortem Photography in the Russian Historiography

Ramina O. Abilova and Oleg V. Sinitsin

The Concept of Otherness in American Ethinc Literature of Latin American Origin

Roman Shkilev

The ‘Phanariote’s Plot’ Issue in the Russian Diplomatic Correspondence in the Beginning of the 19th Century

Vladimir V. Astafyev and Denis R. Sharafutdinov

“Anthropological Turn” in Social Theory

Guzel K. Saykina and Anton S. Krasnov

Concerning Investigation of the Cultural Dyssinchrony of the Mental Development of Intellectually Gifted Teenagers

Viktoriya V. Potapova and Marina V. Fedorenko

Converging Innovations in the Modern Humanitarian Science

Margarita G. Bogatkina, Elena S. Doroschuk and Ramis R. Gazizov

Speech is Silver but Silence is Gold (Once Again to the Issue of What Russian Silence Means)

Ilsoyar A. Sadykova, Geleenya H. Gilazetdinova and Venera N. Yapparova

Structure and Diagnostic of Student Outlook in the Context of Holistic Approach

Anatoly V. Nekhoroshkov

Historical Choice as the Unity of Rational and Irrational

Gulnaz K. Gizatova, Olga G. Ivanova and Ekaterina V. Snarskaya

History of the World Television: Contribution of Russian Scientists and Kazan University

Rezida V. Dautova and Murshida H. Fatihova

Representation of Mental States: Associative Level

Ekaterina M. Alexeyeva and Albert V. Chernov

Scientific Travels by M.V. Pevtsov and N.F. Katanov in Eastern Turkestan (1889-1892)

Julia A. Martynova, Dmitry E. Martynov and Ramil M. Valeev

Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Older People in Nursing Homes

Rifat R. Fakhrutdinov, Rezida A. Fakhrutdinova and Iskander E. Yarmakeev

Social Innovative Potential as the Resource for Sustainable Development: Theoretical and Methodological Aspect

Vladimir M. Bukharaev, Bulat R. Nabiyev and Rinat A. Nabiyev

Historical and Legal Aspect of Formation of Justice of the Peace Courts in Russia

Safiya Kh. Mukhametgaliyeva and Valentina I. Kuzmenko

Comparative Legal Analysis of the Legal Regulation Concerning Correspondence and Telephone Conversation Privacy Problem at the Seizure of Mobile Communication Devices According to the Legislation of Foreign Countries (Belgium, USA, Canada)

Nail I. Gazetdinov, Nadezhda G. Muratova and Maxim S. Sergeev

Creative Thinking Development among Pupils During Foreign Language Teaching

Rifat R. Fakhrutdinov and Rezida A. Fakhrutdinova

Means of Nominal Group Uncertainty Expression in English and Tatar Languages

Venera N. Khisamova, Leila A. Nurgaliyeva and Elvira B. Fattakhova

Reviewing the Important Historical Events of Khorasan and Transoxiana in 16th Century and Beginning of the 17th Century among Historical Literatures and Biography of Moghim Khani

Mohammad Geraili Kerapi

The Authority of Shaybanids with the Arrival of Mohammed Shaybani until the Arrival of Abdullah Khan in Biography of Moghim Khani and Historical Literatures

Mohammad Geraili Kerapi

Survey of Consensus Argument and its Relevant Viewpoints

Hosein Ahmari and Seyyed Aziz Allah Hoseini

The Sunnah Argument and the Jurisconsults Words about it

Hossein Ahmari and Seyed Aziz-Allah Hosseini

Analysis of Hadith “Wujuh Sawh” in Terms of Chain of Transmitters and Content

Abbas Esmaeeli Zadeh, Gholamrida Raisian and Farahnaz Vahidnia

Details and Examples of Testimony to the Holy Quran and Traditions

Seyedeh Fatemeh Hashemi and Aniseh Zoghi

Fundamental Problems of Contemplation from the Perspective of Management and Entrepreneurship in Islam

Mohammad Bagher Babaee Tala Tape and Nasim Eshghi

The Role of Education and Research in Developing Entrepreneurship Culture (From Value and Islamic Perspective)

Mohammad Bagher Babaee and Tala Tape Shiva Shahramfar

Examination of Islamic Banking and its Challenges in Iran

Hasan Armat and Ahmad Ranjbar

Discussion and Analysis of Theory of Religious Science of Dr. Nasr

Mohammad Karami and Habibollah Danesh Shahraki

Iconic Experience of Meeting with the Other in the Internet Communication

Evgeniia M. Nikolaeva and Polina S. Korliar

Analysis of Institution of Punishment on Criminal Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Foreign Countries

Osmanova D.B., Buleuliev B.T. and Barsukova R.A.

Training of Future Bachelors of Psycho-Pedagogical Education on Prevention of Child Violence in the Family

V.I. Spirina, M.L. Spirina and E.V. Romashina

Development of Creative Potential of Students by Means of Educational Robotics

A.R. Galustov, A.M. Dokhoyan, K.R. Kapieva and Y.P. Vetrov

Motives of Islamic Culture in Tatar Folk Tales

Gulnaz A. Talipova, Fleur F. Gilemshin, Fanzilya H. Zavgarova and Alsou D. Battalova

Assessment of Changes in Quality of Life and Social Expectations from the Activities of the Municipal Authorities of Russia

Tatyana V. Tselyutina, Oksana V. Kulikova, Irina V. Semchenko, Tatyana S. Guseva, Inna V. Laukhina and Galina N. Likhosherstova

The Model of Inclusive Educational Space of Federal University

Anna I. Akhmetzyanova, Tatiana V. Artemyeva, Irina A. Nigmatullina, Aislu T. Kurbanova and Alla A. Tvardovskaya

Development of Creative Cognitive Activity of University Students by Means of Interdisciplinary Connections

Alfiya Rafailovna Baranova and Agzam Abrarovich Valeev

Gifted Students’ Perceptions of Parents

Faina Ratner, Ramzia Gubaydullina and Alsu Khakimzyanova

The Role of Social Infrastructure in Non-Urbanized Territories Development

Marianna Ruslanovna Shtanchaeva, Olga Vasiljevna Zjablova and Ramil Rafailovich Denmukhametov

World Community Countries’ Experience in Anti-Corruption Campaign

N.A. Beisenbin, Zh.N. Almukhanbetov, D.K. Kairzhanova, Zh.M. Aitkenova and T.G. Tusupova

About Teaching Writing and Reading as Forms of Students’ Independent Work

Golnar Ilshatovna Sosnovskaya and Galina Aleksandrovna Abrosimova

Actual Problems of International Cooperation of Law Enforcement Agencies at Rendering of Legal Aid on Criminal Cases Connected with Organized Crime in the CIS Countries

Klara A. Issayeva, Saida A. Seylkhanova, Gulmira Oskenbay and Talgat T. Dyusebayev

Theoretical Preconditions for Criminological and Criminalistical Approach on Ensuring of Investigation of the Violent Crimes, Committed in Correctional Facilities of CIS Countries

Klara A. Issayeva, Syrym A. Avgustkhan, Almaz T. Kalbayev and Azamat Alisherov