The Social Sciences

Year: 2015
Volume: 10
Issue: 7
Page No. 2098 - 2101

Gifted Students’ Perceptions of Parents

Authors : Faina Ratner, Ramzia Gubaydullina and Alsu Khakimzyanova

Abstract: The main focus of the present study is to study family interactions, how teenagers, who are identified as gifted, perceive their parents. The awkward age is known to be the most difficult time both for growing children and their parents. The questionnaire, we have had reveals how children understand and think of their parents. It was developed by E. Shaefer in 1965. This questionnaire examines parents’ mindsets, behavior and parenting practices as teenagers see them. The adopted variant of the questionnaire was developed by educationists Z. Mateychik and P. Rzhichan in 1983. We conducted the written survey among 57 students of IT Lyceum at Kazan Federal University who are identified as gifted. It is the specialized high school with profound studying of natural sciences for intellectually gifted students of 7-11 grades. The results of these studies are explored. The role of parent-child interaction is one of the important factors to support gifted children to grow up, to develop their abilities, to learn and run their life. Further research is necessary to support both gifted children and their parents (contains 2 charts).

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Faina Ratner, Ramzia Gubaydullina and Alsu Khakimzyanova, 2015. Gifted Students’ Perceptions of Parents. The Social Sciences, 10: 2098-2101.

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