The Social Sciences

Year: 2015
Volume: 10
Issue: 4
Page No. 407 - 411

Designing Foreign Language Lessons Basing on Meta-Subject Approach

Authors : Niyaz Ilkaimovich Nagimov and Fanuza Kharisovna Tarasova

Abstract: This study covers the questions of effectiveness of meta-subject approach's application in projecting foreign language lessons and intercultural communication. Modern condition of pedagogical activities is characterized by switch to work according to new-generation federal state educational standard. In conditions of modernization of educational system teachers have faced the tasks of achieving personal, meta-subject and subject results that would allow pupils act in new conditions at a totally new level. These tasks have been implemented on test lessons of foreign language with the help of systematic and activity-related approach which is a methodology base of new-generation Federal State Educational Standard (FSES). The base of this approach is such educational environment in which the student is not a subject which is obtaining cut and dried knowledge but the subject of educational process and thus, knowledge and skills for such a student would be the result of his solutions, searches and creative work. In the course of our investigation, we have used search method, the method of analyzing theoretical sources, analysis and synthesis of data obtained, observation, test teaching speaking on the lesson of foreign language in secondary school based on systematic and activity-related approach; descriptive method, studying best practices. We have studied methods and forms of organization of educational activity for the students that favor personal developing. We have analyzed the methods of introduction of mental means of activities aimed at working with knowledge in classes of foreign languages with such units as scheme, notion, differentiation and problem. We have demonstrated an interrelation between the need in cognition of meta-subjects in practical English classes, inter-cultural communications and their further practical application by future pedagogues in educational process at secondary school.

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Niyaz Ilkaimovich Nagimov and Fanuza Kharisovna Tarasova, 2015. Designing Foreign Language Lessons Basing on Meta-Subject Approach. The Social Sciences, 10: 407-411.

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