The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 16
Page No. 3844 - 3852

Constitutional Legal Status of Political Parties in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Authors : C.K. Amandykova and D.B. Kalmaganbetova

Abstract: Creation of a multi-party system is the most important problem of a transition period. It is natural for the formed parties in the Post-Soviet countries the absence at parties as mass associations, strong social base, authority and trust of the people and it is deprived them ability to become worthy opponents of the state power. Development of political processes shows a tendency of allocation of two party coalitions, influencing policy and country life in general the coalition of the parties of authority and the coalition of the parties of opposition. Today multi-party system isn’t perceived as the unconditional value and achievement of democracy. Democratic society can exist in conditions with more limited number of party subjects. In the country there is placed the emphasis on creation of democratic society. The state needs free parties and the movements whatever quantity they wouldn’t be presented on political space of the country. At the moment the result of political development of the Kazakhstan society is creation of a multi-party system as characteristic sign of the pluralistic state. Political parties have one of important roles in activity of society and state, first of all as the most active element of civil society urged to express interests of these or those segments of the population. Research of legal status of political parties is obviously necessary in the light of intensification of a role of political parties both in elective process and at forming of Parliament Majilis of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In Soviet period we had monopoly ruling party CPSU (Communist Party of the Soviet Union). After collapse of the USSR and creation of the new states which build democratic political system, one of the principles of the organization of society became the principle of political and ideological pluralism and multi-party system that was adopted by the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Adoption of law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “about public associations” was given impulse for the formation of political variety and it was promoted to the formation of political parties in Kazakhstan. The status of political parties is adopted in the law of RK “about political parties” that will give the chance of active participation in social and political life, to show the own relation to the happening processes. Democratization of society is possible in a case when elements of civil society, including political parties will be influenced on decisions of government bodies, the processes, happening in society. Research and the analysis of the normative legal acts, regulating the organization and activity of political parties are obviously necessary in the light of dynamic social and economic processes in the country. Identification of tendencies of the increasing role of political parties in spiritual and socio-humanitarian development of society is important.

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C.K. Amandykova and D.B. Kalmaganbetova, 2016. Constitutional Legal Status of Political Parties in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Social Sciences, 11: 3844-3852.

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