The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 16
Page No. 3981 - 3986

Ranking Iran Private Schools and its Executive System

Authors : Heidar Toorani

Abstract: Constant improvement of quality of school activities and performance consists in determination of criteria, indicators and measures and rankings. For this reason, designing and developing tools and forms providing rankings of school are the main concerns of the research. The research is built on extraction and development of standards, indicators and measures of private school ranking. According to this, in addition to the study of available documents and related literature a theoretical framework is first developed for ranking schools and then factors contributing to the quality of schools are identified in 8 fields; management and planning, educational, cultural and nurturing process, student affairs, educational personnel affairs, relationship of school to society, facility and equipment, financial and administrative affairs. Subsequently, school ranking forms are developed. Validity of the ranking forms was measured and confirmed using opinions and reviews of some experts in different fields namely psychology, curriculum, space engineering, educational, financial and administrative affairs and a group of thinkers in the field of standardization and accreditation by means of holding conference and focus groups and Delphi technique. In order to determine priority of each field a pairwise method was implemented. Afterward, dimensions of scoring were set in the column of score scale from 0 to t in the tables of each field and the logic of scoring and relative value of each field in total system was developed and designed. For analysis of the elements and making it easier to evaluate private schools, the "RADAR" logic was used, in that measures can be of different types and the differences are obviously represented in the four scales. Accordingly, criteria, indicators and measures of the eight-fold area constitute "the framework of executive system of ranking private schools.

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Heidar Toorani , 2016. Ranking Iran Private Schools and its Executive System. The Social Sciences, 11: 3981-3986.

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