The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 26
Page No. 6376 - 6381

The Study of Performance and Analysis of Talent Management Impacts on its Improving

Authors : Mohammad Ghasemi, Somayeh Zeinali and Abbas Gholami

Abstract: This study aimed to investigate the effect of talent management on the performance of teachers in the Zabol city. This research is descriptive-survey and was also a correlation. Statistical population consisted of primary school, secondary school first and the second teachers of city Zabol academic year 2016 (625) which the sample size is 225 people. Simple random sampling method and research tools of Paterson’s job performance questionnaire (15 questions 4 choice Likert scale) and talent management questionnaire (41 questions with 5-choice Likert scale) was used. The validity of this study, type’s content and stability by using Cronbach's alpha coefficient for job performance questionnaire 0.82 and talent management 0.91, respectively estimated. The results indicate that the of talent management on performance of education teachers Zabol city has a significant effect. And also results showed that the components of talent management (values and culture, working conditions, infrastructure and processes, management factors, the job physical environment, teaching and learning atmosphere, managers views and the role and participation of managers) on the performance of the Education Teachers in Zabol city is effective.

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Mohammad Ghasemi, Somayeh Zeinali and Abbas Gholami, 2016. The Study of Performance and Analysis of Talent Management Impacts on its Improving. The Social Sciences, 11: 6376-6381.

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