Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2022 Volume 17)

  • Number of issues per year: 24
  • ISSN: 1816-949x (Print)
  • ISSN: 1818-7803 (Online)
Archive (Volume 13 Issue 8, 2018)

How Internal Control and Organizational Structure Impact on Accounting Information Systems

Azhar Susanto and Meiryani

The Task of Optimal Control of the Test Facility “Artificial Lungs”

P.M. Onevsky, M.P. Onevsky and V.A. Pogonin

Testing through In-Circuit Emulators, the RS485 based Distributed Embedded System

J. Sasi Bhanu, Y. Venkata Raghavarao and JKR Sastry

Calculation of Friction Resistance of End Plates Affecting Flat Jet Fading

G. Toleuov, M. Isataev, Sh. Ospanova, Zh. Seydulla, A. Nurmukhanova, D. Babasheva, A. Musatayev, T. Akhanserina, G. Paizolla, G. Musabayeva, S. Ermaganbetova, A. Nurseytova, M. Nurmagambetov and D. Tamabek

Modeling, Simulation and Analysis of the Drying Process of “Paddy” Rice in a Mill in the Department of Huila, Colombia

Nelson Corredor Sanchez, Oscar Jaramillo Castano, Jorge Bernardo Ramirez Zarta and Ruthber Rodriguez Serrezuela

An FPGA Implementation of the Serpent Algorithm using Xilinx System Generator

M.F. Al-Gailani

A Preliminary Study on Designing and Testing of an Absorption Refrigeration Cycle Powered by Exhaust Gas of Combustion Engine

Farel H. Napitupulu and Farida A. Daulay

Harmonic Distortion Improving of Insulator String Model by Nonlinear Resistive under Polluted Condition

Tharin Ratanabuntha and Kittipong Tonmitr

Study of Impact of the Capital Structure in Improving the Market Value of the Banks and Increasing their Profitability An Analytical Study of the Iraqi Banks Listed on Iraq Stock Exchange

Ali Abdulhassan Abbas, Horraa Haidar Abdulhassan and Alaa Hussien Abbas

Mitigation of Wetland Conversion Risk in Post-Harvest Phase to Optimize Staple Food Availability

Ujang Maman, Nunuk Adiarni and Fahriany

Geoinformation Modelling of Heavy Metals Spatial Distribution in Soils of Polyfunctional Towns

Fedor Lisetskii, Alexander Matsibora, Iryna Kuraieva and Yuliia Voitiuk

Amalgamation of Iris Biometrics and Cryptography in Cloud Computing for Improved Authentication

K. Priyadarsini and S. Saravanakumar

Determinants of Intention to Use Mobile Banking in the North of Jordan: Extending UTAUT2 with Mass Media and Trust

Malik Khlaif Gharaibeh and Muhammad Rafie Mohd Arshad

Model of a Steam Engine Built by Modifying an Internal Combustion Engine

Ahmed Shihab Al-Samari and Lutfy Y. Zidan

Color Image Encryption with a Key Generated by Using Magic Square

Ahmeed Suliman Farhan, Sudad H. Abed and Fouad H. Awad

Design and Implementation of Area Efficient Reversible Full Adder-Subtractor in QCA

Sharmin Farzana, Ali Newaz Bahar, Nur Mohammad Nahid and Abdul Mohaimin Eusufzai

A Study on Fake Iris Detection under Spoofing Attacks

Bineet Kaur, Sukhwinder Singh and Jagdish Kumar

Enhancement of Digital Signature Using Hybrid Key Generation Scheme in Cloud

Sumit Chaudhary, Neeraj Kumar Pandey and Narendra Kumar Joshi

The Effect of Organizational Structure on Quality of Management Accounting Information Systems (Survey on Indonesia State-Owned Enterprise)

Ronny Andesto and Azhar Susanto

Adaptive Variable Gain Based Fuzzy Proportional Plus Integral Current Control for Shunt Active Power Filter Operation

Harsha Vanjani, Meha Sharma and U.K. Choudhry

Preliminary Study on Talent Enhancement Programme for Building Capacities and Talent in Islamic Finance

Muhammad Ridhwan Ab Aziz, Mohd Shukor Harun and Mohd Nazri Mohd Noor

Credit Risk Management Practices: A Study on Islamic Banking vs. Conventional Banking in Malaysia

Mohamad Yazis Ali Basah, Siti Nor Amira Mohamad, Muhammad Ridhwan Ab. Aziz, Khairil Faizal Khairi, Nur Hidayah Laili, Hisham Sabri and Mazlynda Md. Yusuf

Risks in Islamic Banks: Challenges and Management

Mohamad Yazis Ali Basah, Siti Nor Amira Mohamad, Muhammad Ridhwan Ab. Aziz, Khairil Faizal Khairi, Nur Hidayah Laili, Hisham Sabri and Mazlynda Md Yusuf

The Influence of Corporate Governance on Voluntary Risk Disclosure: Malaysian Evidence

Nur Ezainee Musa, Mazurina Mohd Ali and Noor Hasniza Haron

Mandatory Reporting Issues in Malaysian State Islamic Religious Councils (SIRC): Evidence from Interviews

Rosnia Masruki, Khaled Hussainey and Doaa Aly

Internal Audit Function, Ownership Structure and Firm Performance in Iraq

Hassnain Raghib Talab, Kamarul Bahrain Bin Abdul Manaf and Siti Seri Delima Binti Abdul Malak

Capital Structure Speed of Adjustment and Shari’ah Compliance: Empirical Evidence from Malaysia

Hafezali Iqbal Hussain, H. Obsatar Sinaga, M. Haizam M Saudi, Firdaus Hilmi Nadzri, Nur Surayya M. Saudi, Mohd Nazrul Azizi and Mohd Farid Shamsudin

Effect of JIT on Organisational Performance: Influence of Performance Measurement System

Zarinah Abdul Rasit, Nurul Huda Abdul Satar and Aliza Ramli

Intelligent Transportation System Architecture to Address Challenges of Traditional Shipping Operations (PELRA)

Setyo Nugroho, Ferdhi Zulkarnaen and Juan Ferry Arizal

A Proposed Field Assessment Method for Stand-up Paddle Board Technology

Bryce Dyer

Analysis the Effect of Competence and Entrepreneurship Motivation on Small Bussiness Performance

Abd Azis Muthalib, Ruslan and Yulianti

Performance Evaluation of OFDM Systems under PLC Fading Channel over Iraqi Grid for Variable PSK Modulation Index

Abdulkadhim A. Salman and Hadi T. Ziboon

Empirical Analysis of Intra vs. Inter-Subject Variability in VR EEG-Based Emotion Modelling

N.S. Suhaimi, J. Teo and J. Mountstephens

Experimental and Analytical Study of PVC Confined Concrete Cylinders

Alyaa Abdulrazzaq Azeez, Norwati Jamaluddin, Norashidah Abd Rahman, Douread Raheem Hassen and Ali Naji Attiyah

An Overview of Cryogenic Separation Techniques for Natural Gas with High CO2 Content

Bhajan Lal, Azmi Mohd Shariff, Hilmi Mukhtar, Qazi Nasir and Ali Qasim

Power Losses Minimization Using on Load Tap Changer Transformers and Injected Reactive Power

Abdallah R. Alzyoudz, Ali S. Dalabeeh and Anwar Almofleh

Assessment of Water Quality in a Coal Burning Power Plant Area of Malaysia Using Multivariate Statistical Technique

Lubna Alam and Che Abd Rahim Mohamed

The Research of Metal and Semiprecious Material Surfaces in the Design of Jewelry

Olga Kaukina and Elena Voynich

Intellectual Structural-parametric Synthesis of Large Discrete Systems with Specified Behavior

David Aregovich Petrosov, Vadim Aleksandrovich Lomazov, Sergey Vasilievich Klyuev, Muravyov Konstantin Aleksandrovich, Aleksandr Leonidovich Mironov and Fomina Marina Vasilievna

Economic Operation of Power Wheeling under Deregulated Environment Using Soft Computing

Anumeha, K.B. Yadav, S. Agrawal and Jayendra Kumar

Bamboo Grid Reinforcement on Peat Soil under Repeated Loading

Aazokhi Waruwu, Husni Halim, Thamrin Nasution and Yudha Hanova

DC-DC Power Converter of 24/320 Volts with Microcontroller Based Proportional Integral Voltage Controller

Suroso , Winasis , Abdullah Nur Azis and Dolly Arthur Siregar

Development of a 0.5 kW Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine

P. Okokpujie Imhade, O. Okokpujie Kennedy, N. NwokeObinna and Azeta Joseph

Implementation of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to Enhance the Security of Academic Information System

Gigih Forda Nama and Kurnia Muludi

Breaking Academic Inclusionthrough Cluster-Basedinstruction (An Approach to Differentiated Instruction for Students with Disabilities in Inclusive Schools)

Gunarhadi , Sunard , Tri Rejeki Andayani and Mahardika Supratiwi