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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2020 Volume 15)

Number of issues per year: 24
ISSN : 1816-949x (Print)
ISSN : 1818-7803 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 12 Issue 4 SI, 2017
Model Development of Reverse Logistics in the Distribution and Transportation Network (Case Study of Plastic Waste Management in Indonesia)
Hendy Suryana, Heru Purboyo Hidayat Putro, Gatot Yudoko and Puspita Dirgahayani
Natural Organic Matter Removal by Adsorption onto Dual Nanofiber: Effect of Temperature
Muhammad Ali Zulfikar and Muhammad Nasir
A Novel Channel Access Scheme in the Next Generation WLAN
Jinsoo Ahn and and Ronny Yongho Kim
DIC Consistent Calibration for Indentation Mark Verification in ACF Images
Bonghwan Kim, Dongsu Lee, Kihak Lee and Kyunghan Chun
Naive Bayes and Decision Tree Modelling for Comparative Analysis Method
Warnia Nengsih
Soft Switching Technique of a Secondary Resonant Buck Converter
Kwang-Seok Song, Gwang-Cheol Song, Jung-Hwan Lee, Seong-Mi Park and Sung-Jun Park
Minimization of Fuel Utilization on Maritime Power Plants
S.P. Venugopal
Multi Function Oceanic Wireless Systems for Angler Assist Applications
D.T. Jacob Jai Kumar
Contrast Enhancement of an Image Using ABC Based Discrete Shearlet Transform
S. Premkumar and K.A. Parthasarathy
Novel Cluster Based Energy Proficient Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks
K. Padmanaban and R. Jagadeesh Kannan
Efficient Design of U-Shape Microstrip Patch Antenna for RF Energy Harvester Application
S. Parasuraman and G.P.R. Ramesh
Comparison of Modified Russian Peasant Multiplier based 12-Tap FIR Filter and Multiplierless 12-Tap FIR Filter
C. Uthaya Kumar and S. Kamalraj
Acid-Base Properties of Macroporous Weak Base Anion Exchange Resin
Natalia Meychik, Galina Veretennikova, Olga Stepanova, Yuliya Nikolaeva, Olga Svetnyova and Sergey Stepanov
Design of Novel Square Root Carry Select Adder (SQRT-CSLA) for Digital Fir Filter
A. Mohamed Syed Ali
Microwave Radiometer Design for Ocean Remote Sensing
Alaudeen Basha and V. Vijayakumar
Minimum Number of Logical Elements Used Encoder/Decoder Technique for Wireless Communication Systems
T. Dhanya
Modem Approach-Hydro Floating Tilting Systems for Nautical Vehicles
Y. Gopikrishna
Pipeline Maintenance System for Long Distance Offshore Oil Pipelines
A. Prem Anandh
Secure and Efficient Data Sharing with Third Party Re-Encryption in Cloud Storage
A. Vinay and S. Natarajan
Speculative Motion Observing and Interaction System
Srikanth Kottalanka and D. Arivazhagan
Structural Design of Spar Platform To Support a 6 MW Wind Turbine
P.P. Vijith
The Design of Oil Drilling Wireless Statistics Acquisition Structure
Pratibha Hanmantrao Gaikwad and Dhiren Pranshankar Dave
To Design Oracle Security Review Innovation Based on Teaching Management Information Framework
Singh Poja Ramesh and Santhosh Kumar Singh
Using Object Leaning Improvement in Superiority Measurement for Web GIS
J. Brindha and V. Vijayakumar
Video on Demand Delivered by Synchronized user using Multicast Gain
Sudha Mishra and A. Arivazhagan
Visor Assistive Contraption Using Object Identification
S. Syes Abdul d Sye and T. Senthil Kumaran
Watermarking in Speech Signal Using Least Significant Bit Technique
S. Alaudeen Basha and V. Vijayakumar
Precursor to Employee Engagement AMID Knowledge Workers
Philcy Philip and Alice Mani
“Cost Analysis of Foldable Containers on Container Freight Station and Port in Chennai Region”
R. Rajendr Prasad and K.R. Chidambaram
A Study on Analysis of FinTech Start-ups in Conversions Period
Seong-Hoon Lee and Dong-Woo Lee
Process Division Software Design Techniques for Reliability and Continuous Service Management
Woon-Yong Kim and Soon Gohn Kim
Implementation of a New 7-Level H-Bridge Inverter Fed Induction Motor with Low Harmonic Values
Yogesh S. Bais, S.B. Deshpande and S.P. Muley
Research of Vacuum Pumping of the Luminescent Lamp
O.Y. Kovalenko and Y.A. Pilshchikova
Analysis of the Functional Transformation of Industrial Complex Infrastructure
Yulia G. Ionova, Madina V. Gesheva, Zalina A. Handohova, Karina M. Mambetova and Olga Yu. Gavel
Mathematical Modeling of Processes in the System of Performance Automatic Control of the Small Feed-Processing Plant
Seitkazy Keshuov, Rashit Omarov, Gulmira Baisenova and Ainur Tananova
Design of Social Housing in Tehran’s Worn Texture Using Industrialization in Construction
Amir Mohammad Joneidi
Natural Value and Basic Cost of Minerals Assessment Technique
B.E. Bolshakov, A.E. Petrov, A.A. Gaponov and E.F. Shamayeva
Effectiveness Assessment of Methods for Moisture Accumulation During Winter Precipitation in the Arid Steppe of Northern Kazakhstan
Vladimir Astafyev, Pavel Ivanchenko and Vladimir Kirkilevskiy
P2P Service Scheme Based on Probability Information for IoT Environments
Yoon-Su Jeong, Yong-Tae Kim and Gil-Cheol Park
Development of Message Threat Model on the Basis of Composition of Fuzzy Automations
Dmitry Belomoytsev, Tamara Volosatova and Nikolay Chichvarin
Application of Wavelet Decomposition to Detect Housing Boom-Bust Cycles
Hossein Abbasi-Nejad and Keyvan Shahab Lavasani
Analysis of Influence of Endogenous Factors on Results of Geoecological Express-Control of Water Resources
Anastasia V. Grecheneva, Oleg R. Kuzichkin, Roman V. Romanov and Artem A. Bykov
Application of Phase-Metric Measuring Systems for Geodynamic Control of Karst Processes
Oleg Kuzichkin, Anastasia Grecheneva, Ekaterina Mikhaleva, Nikolay Dorofeev and Baknin Maxim
On the Language Handling Technology and its Peculiarities
Alexander G. Zhikharev, Sergey I. Matorin, Irina A. Kupieva, Stanislava B. Smirnova and Anatoliy I. Boiko
A Systematic Literature Review of Traceability Practices for Managing Software Requirements
Mazni Omar and Jasim Mohammed Dahr