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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2020 Volume 15)

Number of issues per year: 24
ISSN : 1816-949x (Print)
ISSN : 1818-7803 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 9 Issue 10, 2014
Application of Olap-Cubes by Monitoring Realization of University Strategy
Omarbekova Assel, Zakirova Alma, Abduraimova Bayan and Kantureeva Mansiya
Architecture and Program Realization of System of Detection of Network Attacks to Denial of Service
Shangytbayeva Gulmira and Karpinski Mikolaj
A New Fuzzy Clustering by Outliers
Amina Dik, Khalid Jebari, Abdelaziz Bouroumi and Aziz Ettouhami
Efficient Quadrature Solution for Composite Plate Problems
Ola Ragb, M.S. Matbuly and M. Nassar
The Remotely Reconfigurable Intelligence of the Space-Based Mobile Robot
Valeriy Ivchenko, Petr Krug, Tatiana Morozova, Andrey Ostroukh and Sergey Pavelyev
Version of Switched Reluctance Generator Rotor at a Fixed Configuration of Stator
N. Grebennikov and A. Kireev
Effectiveness of Malimpung Quartz Sand as Single Medium on Water Filtration
Suryani Syahrir, Mary Selintung, Saleh Pallu and Arsyad Thaha
An Efficient Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Constrained Optimization Problems
Soudeh Babaeizadeh and Rohanin Ahmad
Multifocus Image Fusion Using Improved Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform and Discrete Optimization Method
K. Srilatha
The Information Filling of the Database by Physical Effects
Sergey A. Fomenkov, Sergey G. Kolesnikov, Dmitriy M. Korobkin, Valeriy A. Kamaev and Yulia A. Orlova
Optimized Neural Networks Using Principal Component Analysis for Automatic Road Extraction from Remote Sensing
Fatiha Benkouider, Latifa Hamami and Abdelkader Abdellaoui
The Progress Development of a Real-Time Monitoring System for Precipitable Water Vapor Measurements
Wayan Suparta and Kemal Maulana Alhasa
A Study on How to Improve the Performance of k-mean Data Mining Algorithm in a Parallel Environment
R.P.T.H. Gunasekara, M.C. Wijegunasekara and N.G.J. Dias
Towards the Development of a Neuroprosthetic Hand
Ahmed Jaffar, Khairunnisa Johar, Mohamad Amlie Abu Kasim, Farhana Idris and Cheng Yee Low
Analysis of Methods Organization of the Modelling of Protection of Systems Client-Server
G.A. Shangytbayeva, B.S. Akhmetov, R.N. Beysembekova and G.N. Kazbekova
An Enhanced Phoneme-Matching Algorithm Enhanced by User Feedback to Identify Possible Automatic Speech Recognition Transcription Errors
James Carmichael