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International Business Management (2019 Volume 13)

Number of issues per year: 6
ISSN : 1993-5250 (Print)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 11 Issue 11, 2017
Analyzing the Relationships Between Internal Marketing, Job Satisfaction, Relationship Marketing, Customer Orientation and Organizational Performance (Case Study: Maskan Bank)
Ehsan Ahadmotlagi, Samira Amirian and Amir Keramat
Validity and Reliability of the Strategic Factors and University Performance Scales
Ahmed Abubakar and Haim Hilman
The Moderating Role of Knowledge Management on the Relationship between Information Technology and Total Quality Management: The Case of the Public Hospitals in Saudi Arabia
Abdulrahman Ahmad Al Ghamdi, Fadzli Shah bin Abd. Aziz, Rushami Zien Yusoff, Munauwar bin Mustafa and Ebrahim Mohammed Al-Matari
Strategic Talent Management Practices for Higher Institutions
Haim Hilman and Ahmed Abubakar
The Effect of Management Commitment and Workers Involvement on Construction Workers Safety Behavior in Saudi Arabia: The Moderating Role of Social Support
Bassem Alfayez, Chandrakantan Subramaniam and Md. Lazim Mohd. Zin
Borrowing Behavior of Retail Customers in Indian Bank-An Analysis
B. Sumathisri and G.R. Gayathri
Surveying the Relationship Between Networks of Inter-Organizational Cooperation on Innovation of Small and Medium Business
Siavash Nikraz and Ali Bonyadi Naeini
Corporate Culture and Longevity of Family Businesses: How Align These Variables to Explain its Relationship from the Perspective of Leadership?
Jorge Humberto Zamudio-Abdala, Jose G. Vargas-Hernandez and Jose Satsumi Lopez-Morales
Linking Past and Future Research about University-Industry Cooperation: A Systematic Review
Suzana Leitao Russo, Jonas Pedro Fabris, Jose Zayas-Castro and Maria Emilia Camargo
The Role of Perceived Marketplace Influence on Sustainable Consumption: Empirical Evidence from Bangladesh
Mohammad Osman Gani, Asphia Habib and Humayra Khan
Market Orientation and Business Performance: The Mediating Role of Customer Satisfaction
Bader M.A. Almohaimmeed
Assessing Health Organizational Culture Based on the Competing Values Framework
Juliana Machado do Couto e Melo, Jersone Tasso Moreira Silva, Alexandre Teixeira Dias, Jefferson Lopes La Falce, Carlos Alberto Goncalves, Marcio Augusto Goncalves and Lais Cavalcanti Souza
Is Thailand Better than Indonesia? A Comparative Study Between the Listed State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) Corporate Governance Practices on Disclosures and Transparency
Muhammad Masyhuri
High Involvement Management Practices and their Effect in Building and Development of Core Competencies
Hasan Ali Al-Zu`bi
The Factors Influence the Success of Small and Medium Enterprises: Case Study in Batu City, Indonesia
H.T. Soelistyari, W.H. Utomo and R.Y. Susanto
Perceived Quality of Retail Banking Services with Customer Perspectives-A Vietnam Bank
Pham Thi Lien
The Impact of Entrepreneurship Orientation, Market Orientation on Improving Business Overall Performance on Jordanian Small and Medium Enterprises Case Study: Orange Telecommunication Company-Jordan Telecommunication Sector
Hanandeh Ahmad
Exchange Rate Pass-Through into Vietnamese Import Prices by Industries and by Countries
Nguyen Cam Nhung and Tran Thi Thanh Huyen
The Impact of Social Media Marketing on Purchase Intention
Anas Y. Alhadid and Ali Y. Alhadeed
New Perspectives for Spirituality at Work: Religation, Aesthetic Perception and Contemplative Life
Florina Guadalupe Arredondo Trapero, Jose Carlos Vazquez Parra and Norma Estela Velasco Aguirre
Nurses Assessment of Superiors Leadership Towards Organizational Citizenship Behavior
Nahiyah Jaidi Faraz
Actual and Required Return on Stocks Evidence from Jordan
Qais A. Al Kilani
An Analysis of Mediating Effect of Intellectual Capital Linking Board of Director and Firm Performance: Empirical Evidence from Thai Listed Companies
Thanapin Attarit, Kusuma Dampitakse and Panarat Panmanee
A Role-Based Model in the Service Industry: An Ethical Perspective
Francisco A. Espinoza, Eva Maria Guerra and Norma E. Velasco
Evaluation of e-Service Quality, Perceived Value on Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyality: A Study in Indonesia
Hanafi , Nanna Suryana and Abdul Samad bin Hasan Bashari
Perceived Justice, Prestige and Career Development as Predictors of Employee’s Turnover Intention in Small and Medium Enterprises
Sunday Samson Babalola and Aderemi I. Alarape
The Optimal Strategic Positioning of Private Hospitals Incorporating Patient’s Perspective
Majid Twahir, Peter Kiriri and Maina Muchara
The Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Employees, Attitude, Behavior and Performance
Sukma Indra
Benefits and Performance Evaluation of the Implementation of Competence Certification of Expertise and Skills for Construction Laborers (Case Study in East Java-Indonesia)
Miftahul Huda and and Titien Setiyorini
Organizational Learning: Evidence from Knowledge Management
Majdi Anwar Quttainah
The Virtuous Circle of Professional Life: A Proposition of a Model
Mario Teixeira Reis Neto, Varda Kendler , Jorge Felipe da Silva Gomes and Jose Marcos Carvalho Mesquita
Job Satisfaction as a Moderating Variable in the Relationship between Organizational Justice and Acceptance of Dysfunctional Audit Behaviour
Petrus Ridaryanto, Imam Ghozali and Agus Purwanto
Strategic Planning to Control Land Conversion Risk in Paddy Pre-Cultivation: A Sharia Perspective
Ujang Maman, Ahmad Riyadi Wastra and Eny Dwiningsih