Agricultural Journal (2022 Volume 17)

  • Number of issues per year: 6
  • ISSN: 1816-9155 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1994-4616 (Online)
Archive (Volume 2 Issue 2, 2007)

Intensive Land Use and Efficiency of Food Production in Southwestern Nigeria

A.S. Oyekale

Determining Nitrogen Nutrition and Yield of Canola Through Existing Remote Sensing Technology

Shannon L. Osborne

Effect of Essential Oils from Five Ocimum sp. on the Pathogenicity of Pratylenchus brachyurus (Godfrey) in Tomato

A.K. Onifade

Insecticidal Activity of Spicy Plant Oils Against Sitophilus zeamais in Stored Maize in Cameroon

Adjoudji Ousman , M.B. Ngassoum , J.J. Essia-Ngang , L.S.T. Ngamo and R. Ndjouenkeu

Reproductive and Haematological Responses of Breeder Rabbits Offered Two Dietary Regimes

Ekanem Emma , I.P. Solomon , L.J. Isaac and A. Monsi

Use of Essential Oils of Aromatic Plants as Protectant of Grains During Storage

T.S.L. Ngamo , M.B. Ngassoum , P.M. Mapongmestsem , W.F. Noudjou , F. Malaisse , E. Haubruge , G. Lognay , H. Kouninki and T. Hance

The Relative Discriminatory Abilities of Techniques Measuring Genotype x Environmental Interaction in Soybean (Glycine Max (L) Merr.) in Semi-Arid and Rain Forest Environments of Nigeria

C.O. Aremu , T.A Adebayo , M. Oyekunle and O.J. Ariyo

Influence of Phosphorus and Potassium Fertilization on Quality of Sugar of Two Sugarcane Varieties Grown on Three Soil Series of Sudan

E.A. Elamin , M.A. El-Tilib , M.H. Elnasikh , S.H. Ibrahim , M.A. Elsheikh and E.E. Babiker

Geographic Distribution and Frecuency of Fusarium and Fumonisin B1 in Mexican Corn

P. Cudberto Contreras , M. Rene Rosiles , R. Claudia Rios , R. Carlos Munoz and O. Victor Fuentes

Mineral and Feeding Values of Two Cultivars of Guinea Grass (Panicum maximum) as Influenced by Soil Type in the Derived Savanna Zone of Nigeria

F.G. Sodeinde , M.A. Oladipo , A.A. Odunsi , V.O. Asaolu and S.R. Amao

Involvement of Women in Livestock Production: A Means of Reducing Hunger and Malnutrition in Ikwuano Local Government Area of Abia State, Nigeria

J.C. Olojede and M.E. Njoku

The Use of a Multicriteria Method in Irrigation Water Allocations

N.H. Zardari and I. Cordery

Current Post Harvest Practices to Avoid Insect Attacks on Stored Grains in Northern Cameroon

T.S.L. Ngamo , M.B. Ngassoum , P.M. Mapongmestsem , F. Malaisse , E. Haubruge , G. Lognay and T. Hance

Dairy Performances of the Goat Genetic Groups in the Southern Tunisian

Amor Gaddour , Sghaier Najari and Mabrouk Ouni

Modeling the Behaviour of Igbokoda Loamy Sand Soil, under Uni-Axial Compression

S.I. Manuwa and B.O. Malumi

Relative Price Variability and Agricultural Policies in Nigeria

Obasi O. Ukoha

Loan Repayment and Credit Worthiness of Farmers under the Nigerian Agricultural Cooperative and Rural Development Bank (NACRDB)

F. Onyenucheya and O.O. Ukoha

Perception of Agriculture by Students of Tertiary Institution in Nigeria

B.A. Ayanwale and D.H. Laagye

Poverty Determinants among Farmers in Ogun State, Nigeria

O.O. Olubanjo , S.O. Akinleye and W.A. Soremekun

Heavy Metals Content of Crude Oil Sludge/Poultry Manure and Crude Oil Sludge/Municipal Solid Waste Composts

N.M. John

Optimal Farm Plan in Sweet Potato Cropping Systems: The Case of Offa and Oyun Local Government Areas of Kwara State, North-Central Nigeria

R.O. Babatunde , E.O. Olorunsanya , J.S. Orebiyi and A. Falola

Comparative Analysis of Problems Associated with Indigenous and Modern Storage Techniques of Grains and Pulses among Farmers

E.C. Matthews Njoku and O.M. Adesope

Adoption of Soil Management and Conservation Technologies by Small Scale Crop Farmers in South Eastern Nigeria: Implications for Sustainable Crop Production

K.I. Ogbonna , I.C. Idiong and H.M. Ndifon

A Stochastic Frontier Analysis of Technical Efficiency in Swamp and Upland Rice Production Systems in Cross River State, Nigeria

Idiong C. Idiong , Christian E. Onyenweaku , Susan B. Ohen and Damian I. Agom

Socioeconomic Characteristics of Pig Producers and Their Husbandry Practices in the Sub-Humid Zone of Northern Guinea Savannah, Nigeria

Ajala Margaret Kofoworola

Designing an Incentive Scheme for the Adoption of Crop Rotation in the Harran Plain, Turkey

Turan Binici , Carl R. Zulauf and M.Ali Cullu

The Impact of Micro-Credit on Food Crop Production in Osun State, Nigeria

S.B. Williams , A.O. Ajao and L.T. Ogunniyi

Rural Households Perception of Cooking Banana (Musa sp. ABB genome) in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria

A.C. Agumagu and O.M. Adesope

Demographics and Perceptions of Introductory Soil Science Students at a Mid-Size Comprehensive Public University in Texas

David C. Weindorf

Relationships Between Stem Borer Resistance Traits and Grain Yield Reduction in Maize: Correlations, Path Analysis and Correlated Response to Selection

A.C. Odiyi

Analyses of Factors Affecting the Management of Pigs in Kaduna State, Nigeria

Ajala Margaret Kofoworola