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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2020 Volume 15)

Number of issues per year: 24
ISSN : 1816-949x (Print)
ISSN : 1818-7803 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 13 Issue 11, 2018
Curbing Digital Music Piracy Through on-Demand Streaming Music Service
Rabiah Adawiah Abu Seman and Nadya Yusrina Putri
5G Technology Network Access Advances in Research
Srihari Chintha, Y. Ravi Kumar and K. Mithun Chakravarthi
Multi-Level Tweets Classification and Mining using Machine Learning Approach
Abdul Ahad, Suresh Babu Yalavarthi and Ali Hussain
Quality Measures Technique for Underwater Images Using Artificial Neural Network
Priya Sahotra and Simrandeep Singh
Software Applications to Health Sector: A Systematic Review of Literature
S. Juan C. Calabria, Ariza-Colpas Paola, Pineres-Melo Marlon, Ayala-Mantilla Cristian, Urina-Triana Miguel, Morales-Ortega Roberto, Peluffo-Martinez Gabriel, Mendoza-Palechor Fabio and Echeverri-Ocampo Isabel
Particle Swarm Optimization Based Approach for Reduction of Energy Consumption and Time Period in Wireless Sensor Network
R. Sivaranjani and A. Senthil Kumar
Load Balancing Algorithm a Comparative Study in Cloud Environment Computing
Manjusha Kalekuri and Kolasani Ramchand H. Rao
Segmentation of Brain Tumor Using K-Means Clustering Algorithm
D. Vijaya Kumar and V.V. Jaya Rama Krishniah
Solar and Wind Energy Potentials and use in Southeastern Anatolia
Mahmut Aydinol and Fatma Azize Zulal Aydinol
Carbethoxythiazole Corrosion Inhibitor: As an Experimentally Model and DFT Theory
Dalia M. Jamil, Ahmed K. Al-Okbi, Mahdie M. Hanon, Khalid S. Rida, Ayad F. Alkaim, Ahmed A. Al-Amiery, Abdulhadi Kadhim and Abdul Amir H. Kadhum
Study of the Fluorescence Energy Transfer in Laser Active Medium Molecules (Acridine Orange and Rhodamine B) Dyes
Tamara Ali Naser, Jabbar Husain Ibrahim and Lazem Hassan Aboud
Evaluation of ACI Shear Provisions for Concrete Beams Without Web Reinforcement Using Stepwise Regression
Muhaned A. Shallal
Effect of Polyvinyl Alcohol on Flexural Behavior of RC Bubble Slabs under Linear Load
Rafea Flaih Hassan, Nabeel Hasan Ali Al-Salim and Muna H. Jaber
The Effects of Adding Waste Pet Fibers on the Some Mechanical Properties of Cement Mortar under Exposure to Elevated Temperature
Suaad Nasir, Bevian Ismail Al-Hadithi and Abdulkader Ismail Al-Hadithi
A Stable Dual-Wavelength Erbium Doped Fiber Laser Based on Photonic Crystal Fiber and Tapered Optical Fiber
M.F. Jaddoa, Jafer Fahdel Odah, Ahmed Namah Mohamed, Akeel Shaker Tuhaiwer and Ashwaq Eyad Alaakol
Using Discrete Wavelet Transformation Algorithm for Authentication Digital Image Watermark
Zahraa Jabbar Hussein
Smart Antenna Array Patterns Synthesis Using LMS Algorith
Musa H. Wali, Israa Amer Dahham and Lina Y. Kadhim
Hybrid Algorithm for Image De-Noising
Enas Hamood Al-Saadi and Lamis Hamood Al-Saadi
Recognition Textures of the Tumors of the Medical Pictures by Neural Networks
Youssef Douzi, Nabil Kannouf, Tarik Hajji, Touria Boukhana, Mohamed Benabdellah and Abdelmalek Azizi
Evaluating the Effect of Rectangular Opening Positioning on the Seismic Behavior of Composite Shear Walls
Hedayat Veladi, Majid Shirshahi and Hamideh Najafi
Investigation of Soil Trace Elements Balance with a View to Ensuring Quality of Crop Products
Fedor Lisetskii
Development of Malay Language Based Spatial Audio Simulator for Auditory Training Software
Abrar Hussain, Kalaivani Chellappan and Siti Zamratol Mai-Sarah Mukari
Development of Ontology for Information System of Student’s Academic Progress
Mohammed Q. Mohammed and Saif Q. Muhamed
Investigation of Various Types of Liquid Fuel Atomization and Combustion Processes at High Turbulence
Aliya Askarova, Saltanat Bolegenova, Shynar Ospanova, Symbat Bolegenova, Valeriy Maximov, Yryna Berezovskaya, Aizhan Nugymanova, Zhanar Shortanbayeva, Altay Tuyakbayev, Gulzhakhan Baydullayeva, Ardak Maksutkhanova, Khazyret Berdykhan, Aydana Arystan, Elmira Zulbukharova and Akmaral Sugirbekova
Mathematical Modelling of Costs and Organizational Development of Cocoa Producers in the District of Guadual, Municipality of Rivera, Republic of Colombia
Ruthber Rodriguez Serrezuela, Nestor Alonso Pachon Pedraza and Jorge Ivan Perdomo Montealegre
Ontology Based Text Document Clustering for Sports
A. Sudha Ramkumar, B. Poorna and B. Saleena
Big Data Clustering Using Grid Computing and Bionic Algorithms Based an Entropic Optimization Technique
Saad M. Darwish, Adel A. El-Zoghabi and Moustafa F. Ashry
Supervised Feed Forward Neural Networks for Smart Chessboard Based on FPGA
Yaser M. Abid, Alaa Hamza Omaran and Ruqaia Jwad
Wideband Defected Ground Structured Monopole Antenna with Electromagnetic Band Gap Loading
M.S.S.S. Srinivas, T.V. Ramakrishna and B.T.P. Madhav
The Analysis of Bacterial Diversity in High Thermic-Low Salinity Oil Reservoirs Prior to Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery Field Test
Isty Adhitya Purwasena and Yuichi Sugai
Moth-Dolphin Based Routing in Wireless Sensor Network
Amit Kumar, Jagtar Singh, Sanjay Singla and S.N. Panda
Development of Mobile Ad-Hoc Network (MANET) Gateway for Future Soldier Communications Using Internet of Things (IoT) Technology
Mohd Nazri Ismail, Mohd Afizi Shukran, Mohd Rizal Mohd Isa, Mohd Adib and Omar Zakaria
Analysis on Instructional Design Instruments of Metacognition based Electronic Industries Expertise in Vocational Schools
Purnamawati , Usman Mulbar and Gufran Darma Dirawan
Organizational Culture Type as Moderation Influence Reward Organization to Share Knowledge and its Impact of Work Performance of Employees at Local Government of Ternate City
Abdullah W. Jabid, Moeljadi , Nur Khusniyah Indrawati and Sumiati
Development of LabVIEW in Microcontroller Subjects at Vocational School Industrial Electronics Engineering Department
Sapto Haryoko and Hendra Jaya
Mechanical and Temperature Stress Composite Material Pipes with Finite Length
Emad Toma Karash, Tymor Abed Alsttar Sediqer and Nawal Abdul Hakeem Husain
Detection and Separation of EEG Artifacts Using Wavelet Transform
R. Suresh Kumar and P. Manimegalai
The Impact of a Fun Therapy and Modifying the Negative Thoughts and Attitudes in Reducing the Anxiety of the Exam Among University Students
Salwa A. AL Majali
Economic Evaluation of Two Systems of Production of Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill) in Green-House
J.L. Amaro-Leal, O. Romero-Arenas, A. Rivera, M.A. Damian-Huato, A. Valencia de Ita Ma and M. Huerta Lara
Energetic Equipment Maintenance Logistics: Towards a Lean Approach
Salima Hammadi and Brahim Herrou
Industrial CAD-CAM System Based Remote Manufacturing Process Using Raspberry Pi Web Server
Ahmed Kareem Khudhier, Ahmed Z.M. Shammari and Ali H. Hamad
A Comparative Analysis of Euclidean Distance and Cosine Similarity Measure for Automated Essay-Type Grading
Odunayo. E. Oduntan, Ibrahim A. Adeyanju, Adeleye S. Falohun and Olumide O. Obe
Personalized Privacy Preserving Incremental Data Dissemination Through Optimal Generalization
S. Ram Prasad Reddy, K.V.S.V.N. Raju and V. Valli Kumari
Unified Implementation Framework for Big Data Analytics and Internet of Things-Oriented Transportation System
Waleed Noori Hussein, Haider N. Hussain and L.M. Kamarudin
Image Steganography Technique Based on Extracted Chains from the Secret Key
Mohammed Abbas Fadhil Al-Husainy and Diaa Mohammed Uliyan
A Potential Strain RB36 of Polyhydroxyalkanoates-Producing Bacterium Isolated from Rice Barn Located in Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Thailand
Onuma Chansatein