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International Business Management (2019 Volume 13)

Number of issues per year: 12
ISSN : 1993-5250 (Print)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 10 Issue 17, 2016
Auditor Characteristics and the Issuance of Going Concern Opinion
Mohammad Noor Hisham Osman, Siti Zaidah Turmin, Haslinah Muhamad and Rasyiqah Hussain
Linkage Between Islamic Micro-Finance and Poverty Reduction in Malaysia
A.S. Usman and R. Tasmin
A Case Study of Custom Regulatory Process Towards Asean Integration
Madzli Bin Harun, Wan Marian Binti Wan Abdullah and Mohd Nurhidayat Bin Johan
An Analysis of Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Among Small Medium Industries (SMEs) in Malaysia: A Proposed Model
Wan Fauziah Wan Yusoff, Mudashir Gafar, Shafie Mohamed Zabri and Siti Sarah Omar
Market Learning Orientation and Entrepreneurial Orientation Effects Towards Absorptive Capacity and Innovative Capability on Firm Performance
Noraindah Binti Abdullah Fahim and Rohaizat Bin Baharun
Value-Based Academic Entrepreneurship and its Application in Developing Countries
Manzoor Ali Mirani and Mohar Yusof
The Study on Factor That May Influence Credit Risk Management Knowledge and Awareness among Micro Business in Malaysia
Mohamad Yazis Ali Basah, Nur Masitah Muhamad, Hisham Sabri, Khairil Faizal Khairi, Mahdhir Abdullah and Mazlynda Md Yusuf
Application of Promise in Al-Ijarah Thumma Al-Bai’ (AITAB) Facility
Hakimah Muhammad Zin and Hussin Salamon
Big Data Analysis Optimization to Enhance High Speed Internet Customers’ Loyalty (An Indonesian Perspective)
Indrawati and D. Indriasari
Internet-of-Things (IoT) as Engine of Growth for the Economy
Nomahaza Mahadi, Imran Fazley Ibrahim, Azizul Yadi Yaakop and Zailin Zainal Ariffin
An Empirical Investigation of Methods for Maximizing Knowledge and Performance in Framework Documentation Using Use Case Maps (UCM)
Hee Wei Loon, Ian Chai, Tan Chuie Hong and Ho Sin Ban
Korean Popular Culture: An Exploratory Examination among Malaysian Adolescents
Zailin Zainal Ariffin, Azmawani Abdul Rahman, Siti Sarah Omar, Azizul Yadi Yaakop and Nomahaza Mahadi
Improving Organizational Citizenship Behavior, Why Organizational Culture Matters? Case Study at Garuda Indonesia Airlines
Annisa Trisia and Eko Sakapurnama
Knowledge Transfer of Foreign and Local Employees in Multinational Companies
Yuen Yee Yen and Wendy Teoh Ming Yen
Conceptual Model in Using Ability and Opportunity as GHRM Framework to Determine Environmental Performance
Nurul Shazwani Mohtar and Ismi Rajiani
Analyzing Crucial Elements of Research Data Management Policy
Nurul Aqilah Ahmadi, Zanariah Jano and Noorli Khamis
Theorizing Event Attendees’ Behavior to Increase the Demand for Sustainable Events
Nor Lela Ahmad, Noor Azlina Mohd. Yunus, Wan Edura Wan Rashid, Norol Hamiza Zamzuri, Nik Hasnaa Nik Mahmood and Shuhana Shamsuddin
Factors Affecting the Practice of Islamic Professional Ethics: A Case of a Public Sector
Zawiah Mat, Siti Arni Basir and Zanariah Jano
Sustainable Consumption Practices: An Awakening Call
Farzana Quoquab, Nurain Nisa, Jihad Mohammad and Nomahaza Mahadi
Performance Based Funding Mechanisms: The Applicability Study in the Context of Malaysian Public Universities
Abd Rahman Ahmad, Ng Kim Soon and Kek Siok Yee
The Role of Economic and Financial Developments for Environmental Quality in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)
Tuan Hock Ng, Chin Chew Low and Kar Hoong Chan
Micro Financing for Microenterprises in Malaysia: A Review
Mazliana Muridan and Patmawati Ibrahim
Growth Opportunity of Insurance Industry and its Determinants in the Selected Countries of Asean
Lee Hui Shan, Kevin Low Lock Teng, Sia Bik Kai and Chong Shyue Chuan
Do Commercial Banks of Malaysia Use Loan Loss Provision to Signal Their Earnings, Return and Cash Flow?
Ali Karimiyan, Mohd Norfian Alifiah, Sayyed Mahdi Ziaei and Ali Nasserinia
Psychological-Induced Determinants of Risk-Taking Behaviour of Investors in the Malaysian Share Market
Audrey Lim Li Chin and Devinaga Rasiah
Is Islamic Stock Market no Different than Conventional Stock Market? An Evidence from Malaysia
Ruzanna Ab Razak, Noriszura Ismail and Nor Azliana Aridi
Debt and Ownership Concentration as Corporate Governance Mechanisms: Evidence from the Largest Australian Firms
Hamizah Hassan
Career Success for Women in Higher Education Institution: The Factors Influencing the Success of Women Academician
Hani Suhaila Binti Ramli, Audrey Lim Li Chin and Audrey Cheak Poh Choo
Exploring Factors Towards Career Success in Malaysia
Tee Poh Kiong and Benjamin Chan Yin-Fah
Entrepreneurship Integration: A Paradigm-Shift for Sustaining Architectural Education Innovation
Mudashir Gafar, Rozilah Kasim, David Martin and Wan Fauziah Wan Yusoff
The Relationship Between Leader-Member Exchange and Job Satisfaction: The Mediating Role of Work Alienation
Rusinah Bt. Siron, Ahmed Kh. Muttar, Zainal Ariffin Ahmad and Mohd Amin B. Tarsipan
“Effect of Economic Liberalization Elements on Health Indices” (Case Study: Selected Petroleum Exporting Countries)
Rajabali Satari and Hossein Sharifi Renani
Corporate Governance Practices and Firm’s Capital Structure
Shafie Mohamed Zabri, Wan Fauziah Wan Yusoff, Ahmad Kaseri Ramin and Karen See Sin Ling
Generic Taxonomy of Assets Identification During Risk Assessment in Information Security Management
Palaniappan Shamala and Rabiah Ahmad
Identification and Prioritization Effective Factors on Selling “Life and Investment Insurance” Using Multivariate Decision Making Technic in Insurance Companies of Bushehr Province
Omid Karrar, Esmaeil Kamalirad and Seyed Yaghoub Hosseini
Investigating the Impact of Modern Means of Political Marketing on General Participation
Mitra Mijani and Freidoon Salimi
The Relationship Between Organizational Trust and Employee Productivity Mediating Role Organizational Citizenship Behavior in Social Security Organization of Isfahan
Mehraban Hadi Peikani and Mahnaz Mir Shamshiri
Determining the Affecting Factors on Brand Equity from the Perspective of Consumerin the Chocolate Industry of Iran (Baraka Chocolate)
Karim- Hamdi, Farid Gharavi, Hani Honarmand and Iman Seifabadi
The Investigation of Financing Sensitivity Through Debt and the Sale of Shares to the Free Cash Flow under Financial Constraints
Saeed Chagha Mirza and Babak Jamshidi Navid
Investigate the Relationship Between Information Management Systems and Supply Chain Performance in the Asia Zholeh Company
Maryam Kadhim and Navid Nezafati
Leadership Teachings by History Superman of the World, Cyrus the Great (Leadership Skills) (Derived from a Doctoral Dissertation Entitled “The Iranian Leadership Model Based on the Cyrus the Great Teachings)”
Enayat Allah Aghaei and Alireza Shirvani
The Effect of Brand Equity Dimensions on Current and Future Purchase Behavior of Customer (An Approach Towards First Familiar Brand)
Seyed Afshin Hashemi and Mahrokh Mokhtaran
Evaluation, Classification and Selection of Marketing Strategies to Enter International Markets by Using SWOT Method (Case Study of Takhte Jamshid Petrochemical Company)
Parisa Fazeli and Fariz Taherikia
Evaluation the Effect of Corporate Governance on Risk Management in Accepted Companies in Tehran Stock Exchange
Davoud Jalilizadeh and Mohammad Reza Karimi Pouya
The Effect of Accounting Variables And Firm-Specific Factors on Capital Structure: The Accepted Companies in Tehran Stock Exchange
Zabihi Ali and Ramezanzadeh Zeidi Abbas
The Effect of Occupational Stress Factors on Organizational Commitment (Alborz Branches Zone)
Salim Ajami and Mohammad Reza Jaber Ansari
Creating Participation Morale in Employees for Passing Crisis
Ghaffari Rahman, Rezaie Moeen and Mousavi Chashemi S. Marzieh
Outstanding Leadership Traits of a Superman in the History of the World, Cyrus the Great
Enayat Allah Aghaei and Alireza Shirvani
The Relationship Between Political Communication and Performance of Accepted Companies in the Tehran Stock Exchange
Abdolreza Mohseni, Fazl Allah lak and Raziyeh Rahnavard