The Social Sciences (2022 Volume 17)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1818-5800 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-6125 (Online)
Archive (Volume 11 Issue 28, 2016)

Political-Ideological and Organizational Mass Work of the International Seafarer’s Club in Vladivostok in the 1930s*

Alexander A. Isaev

The Progress of Russian Multipolar Politics: Pro and Cons in the International Views

Fadra Hamid

Fuzzy Optimization Model of Human Capital Development of the University’s Department

Lev Mazelis, Kirill Lavrenyuk, Catherine Lavrenyuk and Ian Wei

Advertising Style as Mirror of National Identity (On Material of Automobile Slogans)

Danilevskaya Natalya Vasilyevna, Bazhenova Elena Aleksandrovna and Tikhomirova Larisa Sergeevna

Dynamic Competitive Strategies of Management of Higer Educational Establishments

V.O. Stepashko

Adaptive Technology of Pupils’ Mathematics Teaching That Considers the Specific Features of Pupils’ Subject-Matter Giftedness

M.A. Rodionov, N.N. Khramova, I.V. Akimova and T.A. Chernetskaya

Readiness of the Subjects of Education Process to the Implementation of Inclusive Education in Primary School

L.A. Nikitina, L.I. Zharikova, L.A. Kairova and M.V. Surnina

Educational Bureaucracy Innovation in Kudus District, Central Java Province, Indonesia

S.U. Sundarso and M.S. Endang Larasati

The Formation of Professional Competence of a Future Teacher Professional Training by Means of Information Technology

B.T. Kerimbaeva, I.U. Bekbulatova, A.K. Rysbekova, P.K. Iskakova and I.S. Musataeva

Islamic Arbitration in Indonesia

Muhammad Arifin

The Influence of Pre-Immigration Elements in Malay Sojourner’s Consumer Acculturation in the United States of America

Sharifah Nadiah Syed Mukhiar, Drew McDaniel, Rani Ann Balaraman and Wang Chang Song

Implementation of an Integrated Self-Contained City Policy in North Bengkulu Sub District, Bengkulu Province

Iqbal M. Mujtahid, Sri Suwitri and M. Si

Some Toba Batak’s Proverbs Reflected at the Movie: "Anak Sasada"

Roswita Silalahi

Collaboration of State and Business as Instrument of Stable Development of Far East of Russia in Priority Development Areas (On Example of Tourist Cluster)

V.Yu. Baldina, G.V. Petruk and Yu.S. Lebedinskaya

Transition from the Imperial to the Soviet Model in Russian National Policy: Political and Legal Aspects

G.A. Gevorgyan, O.G. Karapkova, I.E. Kopchenko and V.M. Khlopkova

The Structure and Content of Pedagogical Activity of Teachers of Foreign Languages at the University According to Modern Educational Paradigm

A.V. Gridasova, M.A. Grinko, D.D. Manukyan and N.V. Papernaya

Child’s Vision of Family

Elena V. Golubeva and IrinaV. Golubeva

The Results of the Study of Professional Intentions by School Students

A.B. Mukasheva, G.A. Kassen, B.H. Galiyeva, D. Yertargynkyzy and D. Mukhatayeva

Interior Advertisement: Anthropocentric Aspect (Based on the Material of the French and Russian Languages)

Irina Yakovlevna Balabanova and Marina Sergeevna Lukina

National Self-Awareness of Tatar Youth in Diaspora: Historical Approach

Anastasia V. Fakhrutdinova, Madina M. Makhmutova and Marsel Radikovich Nurkhamitov

Confucian Religion and Education System in the Kang Youwei’s Reform Plans (At the Turn of the 19th-20th Centuries)

Ilina Radikovna Usmanova, Dmitry Evgenevich Martynov and Yulia Aleksandrovna Martynova

Reflection of Public Interest in Online Mediare Presentations of the Republic of Tatarstan

Elena S. Doroschuk and S. Tatiana Staroverova

The Role of Electronic Learning Resources in Effectiveness of Student’s Class Activity on Mathematical Disciplines

Valeria Leonidovna Vorontsova and Leisan Nailievna Zainullina

Predicting of the Financial Crisis by Using the Financial Ratios and Presentation of Sufficient Prediction with Approach the Artificial Neural Networks and Fuzzy Nero

Najmeh Rooh Bakhsh, Ali Yaghoubipoor and Mohammad Hossein Nekoue

Ways to Foster Critical Thinking in Students

Marzieh Kalbali and Sakineh Shahi

Opportunities of Development of Labor Market in Russia with Application of Foresight

Roman Gennadievich Zaitsev, Mariya Anatolevna Komissarova and Peter Vyacheslavovich Ovchinnikov